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Warning: The Annual Flu Vaccine is Being Transformed Into a mRNA Jab!



A lot of you have been getting your flu shots for years without a hitch. But, heads up, there’s a big shift on the horizon you should be aware of. The annual flu vaccine is morphing into an mRNA shot. And chances are, they’re not going to broadcast this change, especially with all the health debates swirling around mRNA technology.

A recent study out of Japan reveals alarming facts about cellular immunity.

Dr. Malone, the man who is regarded as the “inventor” of mRNA vaccines, has been an outspoken critic of the regulatory oversight regarding the mRNA vaccine products.


Dr. Robert Malone, a Maryland licensed physician with over three decades of experience in biotech and biodefense, voiced significant concerns regarding the deployment and regulatory oversight of SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine products. Addressing a panel, Dr. Malone criticized the emergency use authorization of these vaccines, citing a lack of adequate testing and transparency about patient risks and efficacy data.

Dr. Malone argued that the vaccines’ rollout violated established patient informed consent requirements, a decision justified by flawed infection fatality rate models. He pointed out several issues with the genetic vaccine technology, including its classification, efficacy in preventing infection, and the potential for contributing to more resistant viral strains.

Highlighting the broader implications, Dr. Malone noted the vaccines’ systemic distribution post-injection, contrary to initial claims of localization. He raised concerns about the toxic effects of the viral spike protein produced by the body, the lipid nanoparticles’ intrinsic toxicity, and the presence of undisclosed synthetic mRNA and short DNA fragments, potentially affecting patients’ genomes.


It goes without saying, but the mRNA jab has been at the center of quite a bit of controversy and misinformation from so-called “experts.” So, it’s definitely raising many eyebrows to learn that the trusty old flu vaccine is on track for a very concerning update. It’s starting to feel as if they’ll get this mRNA cocktail into Americans, one way or another.

Warning ‼️ The annual flu vaccine will be transformed into an mRNA Vaccine.

“New technology is working its way into old vaccine protections”

Completely ignoring the millions of injuries and deaths reported by the mRNA Covid Vaccine- the FDA is planning to push this through and approve it anyway.

They don’t make money if you’re healthy, folks.


Moderna on Wednesday said its flu vaccine had generated a stronger immune response against all four A and B strains of the influenza virus compared to traditional flu shots in a late-stage trial.

Shares of the U.S. biotech closed more than 3% higher at $108.59 on Wednesday.

The effectiveness of Moderna’s flu vaccine was demonstrated across all age groups, including older people, and was found to be safe and tolerable, according to the company. Moderna also said it had found that its shot was equal or superior to Sanofi’s high-dose flu vaccine in a separate early head-to-head study.

Moderna could use this data to file for accelerated approval of its flu shot in the United States by year-end, and likely launch the vaccine by the 2024/2025 season, Jefferies analyst Michael Yee said in a note.

The company had previously said that there was not enough available data to determine whether the flu vaccine would succeed after it failed to meet the “early-success” criteria in the study.

It sounds like they know the COVID vaccine is dead on arrival—literally and figuratively—so they’re now transforming the flu vaccine. The Reuters piece goes on:

Moderna also announced that it was scaling down manufacturing of its COVID-19 vaccine, an updated version of which was approved this week by U.S. regulators, to align with lower post-pandemic demand and help the company sooner hit its target of 75%-80% gross margin growth.

“We probably overproduced a little bit too much this year, which is why we have excessive unutilized capacity and excessive materials, and that will come down,” Moderna CFO Jamey Mock said during the investor day conference.

Moderna said it could launch up to 15 products over the next five years, as it moves focus away from its COVID vaccine.

Some would agree that the best thing about being a conspiracy theorist is not suffering from myocarditis. With that said, if you’re a flu vaccine aficionado, you may want to think twice before getting this new and “unimproved” jab from the ghouls at Big Pharma. After all, they’re not looking out for your best interests.

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