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What People Are Saying About The Kick Them All Out Project

What People Are Saying . . .

"Amazing. This very morning I was reminiscing about my own business (which I thankfully sold 5 years ago) and having a conversation (imaginary) with the Queen of Shrill . . . Nancy Pelosi saying, "would you keep an employee who lied to you, refused to do anything you asked, stole from you, and called you demeaning and caustic names?" NO, I answered myself, I'd fire their ass. This afternoon I get this e-mail with the YOU-TUBE video  and directions to KICK THEM ALL OUT . COM web site. Sign me up! The "silent majority" is alive and well, and will make itself heard."

"Thanks for creating this site. I've ordered a sign, some shirts, hats, bumper sticker, etc and FedexKinkos should have my first 5000 pink slips ready this afternoon. I will spread the word here in Memphis. I'm happy to be part of the revolution."

"This sounds to good to be true, you mean the american will finally get off there rump and do something about the corrupt crap in our goverment from those that have been there most of there lives. I'm 76 and this country has never been in this bad shape that I can remember even though the 1930s depression that it is today. Never though I'd see the day when a president of the US would not even have to show his birth certificate to prove that he is a citezen of the US. All the moral values of years ago are gone, most of them have a girl friend some where on the side. I always thought they were suppose to set an example, like the school teachers of years ago did. A lot of people including myself have little or no respect for those people in Washington, it seems they do just what they want. I always though they were working for the citizens of this country. If I live to see them bums get voted out of washington that will probably be the happiest day of my life. That will be like the return of christ. Herb." Wavyhill (Member of Ron Paul Meetup 118)
'This actually makes a lot of sense to me. There is hardly a critter in congress who is not complicit in dismantling the Constitution, the economy, and the foundations of our previously fairly free society. Throw them all out. Send a powerful message they *will* listen to. Maybe a very few dont deserve it. Too bad, they are complicit. And quite a few more of *us* dont deserve what were getting.  There's also much value to the strategy of throwing out the well-organized criminals and forcing the new ones to reorg and relearn corruption from scratch."

Glenn R. (Minister and former Police Chief)
"Good news has visited me today.  I have said; that, it is a shame that we are told how to vote politicians in, but, not how to impeach them.  I have said, that, I would not become active in politics until firings or impeachments become an active part of the process.  I, therefore, am now IN."


Lenny  Ladner (running for Congress)
"We need ordinary people who are committed to  stopping the growth of government.  They don't need to know  anything.  They just have to agree to VOTE NO on any bill that increases  the size, cost, reach and power of the government.  It doesn't matter what  party they run under."

"Everyone puts voting to the back burner because it isn't fun. It sucks to talk to voters, it sucks to make phone calls, it sucks going door to door.  But you know what sucks worse?  Having a Congress like we have.

Marching is fun, sign waving is fun, reading those articles is fun, but it doesn't accomplish anything.  BIG ZERO."

Marilyn W. (80+ year old patriot)
"It is so refreshing to meet young people that are starting something, which I think, is the greatest idea I've heard in a long time. I have told several  friends about this movement and they too, think it is the one way we can all help get our country back. WAYTOGO.!!"

"WOW ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THANK YOU ...THANK YOU ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NEED THIS SITE TO SPREAD LIKE WILDFIRE ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH ... EXCELLENT. . . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

"I appreciate your efforts."

Noam Chomsky
"I quite agree with you about the perversion of the 14th amendment, from the beginning, and the fact that we have the power to change it, if we can succeed in informing and organizing the public. A critically important task."

"I think that your project is the single most important political movement of our times.  No true reform can occur until politicians can be weaned off of corporate special interest's corrupting milk."

"You are doing what I should have done as soon as I saw "Corporation".  I agree with the concept.  When I was explaining all this to my mother, she said what can we do?  My answer was Just don't vote for any incumbent.  I've since expanded this to any non-incumbent who has not taken any other oaths, does not belong to any secret societies, or international groups like CFR, etc."

"I Think it is great. I for one was glad to find the site and learn while I was there. I came from cuba at three years old and now 42. served 8 years in the Marines. This is the only country I call home, its all I know. It makes me sick to see it falling apart by outside sources and special interest. I AM  neither Dem or Rep. but American, no party. These party's and special interest our the reason we can not get anything fixed. I SMILED when I found your site so thank you. I printed a lot of your articles and in the process of reading it while working at my job. I am in the process of making a sticker for my rear window on my jeep with the web site address, to wake these people up. Thanks Again for the information I am learning from your site."

"I definitely agree with what is being said.  I have actually thought along the same lines for a while before now.  That being that we need to kick 90% of the congress and senate out of office irregardless of what party they represent.  Then we need to make it illegal for special interests to 'influence' congress members with money and other forms of assets.  Once that happens things will start to become a lot better for the American 'people'.  Though the incumbants will probably scream bloody murder."

"Congress represents the people and has the power to remove the corruption.  Since Congress itself is largely corrupt, voting out the whole lot will return representative government to the people.  It's so simple a child could do it."

Sam - Germany
"In Summer 2007, events in politics surrounding Bush, Cheney, Gonzales went beyond funny sound bites and Bushisms - just another form of entertainment - to deadly serious. Not only did the insanity of it all screw with my head, I literally panicked: I did not want the children in my family over in the U.S. to feel the same way about their parents like my generation in Germany feels about their grandparents for not having stopped the Nazi tyranny. I spent days and nights discussing with friends, researching the full extent of the problem, possible solutions, eventually arguing online with strangers in favor of impeachment, which seemed the only hope, but a very faint one. Finally, I found KTAO. Now I am sane again: I found some traction for my energy."

"I am with you all the way.  As a 70 year old woman who has mourned and grieved over the terrible corruption occurring my beloved United States, your website has given me hope. If I were wealthy, I would send you money . . ."

Kurt Lloyd
"The project seems to have a great deal of potential for fostering a change in leadership that this country desperately needs right now.  Thank you for taking the initiative."

Craig S. Barnes - International Negotiator/Mediator
"I agree with your focus on the corporations.   This should, indeed, be the subject of a massive public campaign.”

Digg.com Poster - Greywolfexcel
I just read the entire proposal, and have to say that I am relieved to see that some other people have the sense to see what's going on, past all this partisan crap that is dividing us. Thank you for posting that link, and for having common sense, a quality sorely lacking in today's world. You won't see me voting for any incumbents this coming election. 

Kick Them All Out Project Site Member - kothegov

"Amen, finally a plan that uses our political system as it is, to fight and take back our freedom, and our constitutional rights. Let freedom ring, loud and clear! If we all can't see eye to eye on this, then God help our souls. Spread the word, and educate yourselves."

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