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It’s Time to Ask: Is “Virus Science” Any More Accurate than “Climate Science”?

By Debbie Georgatos

America has gone from what may have been history’s strongest economy to total shutdown and near depression in less than 60 days.   It has gone from the land of the free and the home of the brave to a nation of meek serfs bowing to police state totalitarian government edicts to stop working and stay at home, or else. And it has done so in face of a pandemic that has claimed less than half the lives already estimate to be claimed by the ‘regular flu’ this flu season.

Joe Everyman has the ability to see all of this, call BS, and say WTH?   Why can’t anyone at any level of government?

Ah! But the science!!! The science told us this could result in millions of deaths; the science told us hospitals will be quickly overwhelmed; the science told us we can’t possibly have enough ICU units; the science told us we must shut down everything, maintain social distancing, rat on our friends and neighbors to give us even a fighting chance to contain this apocalypse, and no one should ever question science.

Plus this wasn’t just the 97% consensus of scientists who’ve been 0 for 41 on their predictions as to climate change, this was the almighty Dr. Anthony Fauci himself telling us these things! And he’s a friend of Bill Gates!

Let’s look at the famous scientific model of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), funded by Bill and Melinda Gates (H/T Derek Hunter, “Is What We’re Being Told About the Coronavirus Wrong?“).

On April 4th, the IHME model predicted there would be between 120,963 and 203,436 Americans requiring hospitalization, with the average of that range being 164,745.

In reality, there were 18,998. Missed it by 84%..against the low end of the prediction.

Same model…the average projected ICU beds needed on April 4th was 31,057.

The reality was 4,686. Missed it by 85%.

And of course, the infamous Imperial College model told the UK to expect a half million deaths—and sent the whole country into panic, sadly including PM Boris Johnson—before revising downward to 20,000. Missed it by 96%.

But it’s science. You flyover idiots don’t understand…models can be off, sure, but don’t be a denier. Besides, it’s better to be safe than sorry. And if the shut down of America saved even one life, it’s all worth it! In science we trust.

Somehow Americans were able to turn away from the siren song of climate alarmists; they could sense how climate computer models, while increasingly sophisticated, are still only as good as the assumptions and inputs and algorithmic correlations and calibrations built into them. And as much as ‘hockey stick’ Michael Mann sought the iconic status in climate science that Dr. Anthony Fauci has in ‘virus science’, his scientific credibility was questioned, and didn’t hold up under scrutiny. He never became an oracle.

So what explains Americans’ abject capitulation to the apocalyptic predictions of virus science that they so naturally resisted in the case of climate science?

Well, there’s obviously a much, much longer history of medical research and knowledge and therapeutic results by comparison to the relatively new domain of climate science.   And real pictures of sick and suffering people with COVID-19 move the emotions far more immediately and significantly than a staged-to-convey-a-false-impression picture of a stranded polar bear on a piece of floating ice. Plus everyone has a doctor or nurse in their family or their circle of friends and relatives, and they are generally good people who chose their profession in large part due to a desire to help sick people recover.  They can be trusted.  Few people know a climate scientist.

So the population at large is educated by the culture to assign much, much higher credibility to a pandemic model than a climate change model.

But at the end of the day, here we are: living through hell on the basis of pandemic models’ predictions of calamity, and not one of those on whom the ‘experts’ are relying has been anywhere close to accurate, and ALL have erred in the same direction: to grossly overestimate the danger. Dr. Fauci ought to be out of a job.

Too many Americans are too forgiving of this; they are so scared and so reverential to medical experts that it is the secular version of apostasy to even cast a skeptical frown at what the experts are saying and recommending. Americans need to snap out of it—this trance of extreme fear—and start asserting their heritage as free men and women who don’t take orders from government and don’t assign infallibility to anyone or to any ‘science’ whose scientific models generate predictions that don’t come close to matching reality.

The science and scientists who have led us to this indefensible state of affairs need a little humility. Maybe they don’t know as much as they think they know. Maybe their models don’t take into account everything that truly matters to health.

Meanwhile Americans themselves are in for a needed re-thinking of what it means to be free people; what it means to live a life of individual sovereignty as set up by the Constitution; what it ought to mean to have real recourse against liberty-depriving orders by their federal, state and local governments.

And one more thing. The smell of Coup #3 is rising.

This post is assuming the good faith of ‘virus science’—of the model creators and the experts who are relying on them. But Americans have witnessed in the last three+ years deliberate Deep State behavior to control American minds and American government on a scale and with an absence of conscience that most Americans could barely fathom.

Would that same Deep State create and manipulate ‘virus science’ models and use a few Deep State puppets in the national health arena to trumpet them, create panic, and manufacture a path to economic destruction …if it would help get rid of a President they hate? The answer is Yes, and serious observers of the last three+ years know this.

So, yes, it’s high time to start asking: what’s up with the bogus virus science models? What the hell is the agenda here? The real answers to these questions are going to have a lot more to do with American recovery than government bailout bills or drugs or vaccines.

Eric Georgatos and wife Debbie operate the America, Can We Talk? media platform, with 4 day a week video podcasting by Debbie, and weekly written commentary, all centered around the importance and value of preserving America under her founding ideals.

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