Video: Mercury (Thermerisol) In Vaccines Causes Brain Damage

This short film produced by the University of Calgary documents exactly what happens to brain cells when mercury comes into contact with them.  See with your own eyes, under microscopic magnification the immediate damage mercury does to the structure of brain cells.  We are told by our 'experts' that there is nothing to worry about, that mercury is absolutely no danger.  Well, after watching this video, you'll have yet another example of why we cannot trust a word our government tells us.  This video proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the dangers of putting Thermerisol (mercury) into vaccines and calling it a preservative to make if sound like it's safe.  It's criminal!  There is mounting evidence that vaccines that include Thermerisol is responsible for and shocking increase in the development of autism in our children and nothing is being done about it!  We are hammered with fear mongering about non-dangers like bird flu while real dangers like mercury in the vaccines we give to our children is ruining thousands upon thousands of lives every year.

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