Video: 9-11 Mysteries - Demolitions

This film goes into great detail about the destruction of the buildings on September 11, 2001 and exposes the fact that the official story has a great many holes in it.  The primary focus is on what the actual structure of the buildings were and how they could have possibly collapsed the way they did at literally "free fall speed."  The twin towers, 110 story steel framed buildings fell in approximately 10 seconds. And Building 7, a 47 story steel framed building feel in about 7 seconds.  All these building fell into their own footprints as fast as an object falling through the air encounter no resistance at all.  After you watch this film, I'm sure you'll agree, that's absolutely impossible according tot he "official" explanation of how and why they fell.

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As is pointed out in 9-11 Mysteries, thermite was used to cut through the beams that brought down the towers.  Uncombusted thermate was found in the dust of the aftermath.  What isn't commonly known is there is a more advance form that can be mixed with paint and literally sprayed onto the beams.  The following is a test that was done with this pain applied to only one side of a steal beam.  Imagine if it was on all four siides?

Thermite Painted on a Beam

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