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A Fully Indexed Page With Just Election Fraud Articles & Videos
A Fully Indexed Page With Just Pandemic Fraud Articles & Videos

FREE Video Library: Science Fraud/Medical Fraud

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  •   The 10 Stages of mRNA LIES and Denial
    Let’s take a trip down memory lane, all the way back to the ancient times of early 2021, to see how “the science” on mRNA Covid-19 shots has evolved in such a short period of time.
  • Dr. Debra Birx - The Deep State Lunatic Responsible for all the Failed Tyrannical Covid Policies
    This powerful mini-documentary from “Good Kid Productions” explains who the primary lunatic behind all the insane Covid policies responsible for destroying millions of lives, Dr. Debra Birx.  You will also learn how the federal government, in conjunction with the global medical establishment, fooled former President Donald Trump into going along with massive social disruptions, including lockdowns and the experimental vaccine, to stop the overhyped COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S
  •   Climate: The Movie
    This is a devastating new film by British documentary filmmaker Martin Durkin has obliterated the climate change scam in just 80 minutes.  Durkin, a former revolutionary communist turned staunch libertarian, exposes the climate change scam by interviewing a cast of world renowned academics and researchers who calmly break down how the earth’s climate has always been changing and not a result of human activity.
  • Bill Maher Finally Gets Honest on Failures Pushed by the COVID ‘Experts’ Who Ruined Lives
    Bill Maher Drops Stunning Monologue on the COVID “Experts” Who Got It Wrong “A lot of the dissenting opinions that were suppressed and ridiculed at the time have proven to be CORRECT.”
  • The COVID LIE That Started It All!
    This is a great compilation of the criminal false narrative engineered to scare the living crap out of everyone in order to coerce people into lining up for their deadly mRNA jabs.  They created a totally FALSE perception that we were all in mortal danger of dying from COVID unless we got the jab.
  • Breaking Out of the Propaganda Matrix - Interview with Jimmy Dore
    Dore warns that the entire government is corrupt. Corruption has been integrated into every part of the government, and every system used to run it.
  • The Viral Delusion: A 5-Part Documentary Series Exposing the Total Fraud of Virology
    The doctors, scientists and journalists featured in THE VIRAL DELUSION examine in detail the scientific papers that were used to justify the pandemic, and what they find is shattering. In this shocking, five-part, seven-hour documentary series, they explode every single major claim, from the "isolation" of the virus to its so-called genetic sequencing, from the discovery of how to "test" for SARS-CoV2 to the emergence of "variants" that in reality, they explain, exist only on a computer. Their point: that the so-called SARS-CoV-2 virus exists only as a mental construct whose existence in the real world has been disproven by the science itself.
  •   COVID Fraud Grand Jury - In the Court of Public Opinion
    This is a series of in-depth presentations exposing every aspect of the unprecedented MASSIVE crime against humanity called the COVID-19 PANDEMIC FRAUD!  Learn the truth about what psychopathic globalist interest have really done to all of humanity in their sick, twisted dream of global domination.
  •   Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg - The Broad Issue of Corruption in the World Health Organization (WHO)
    In this intimate sit down interview from the film "Planet Lockdown" with Wolfgang Wodarg, we discuss the broad issue of corruption in the WHO, how we should understand the "pandemic," or lack there of and how we must stop this diabolical trend towards a fake medical dystopia that will take over all aspects of our lives. He is one of the most honest and thoughtful people we have ever met and has an amazing resume and has lived a rich life full of experiences that uniquely qualifies him to understand the depth and breadth of this complex situation we find ourselves in.
  •   What do "They" Really Mean When They say, 'Trust the Science'?
    In the featured video,1 James Corbett of The Corbett Report explores what it means to "trust the science," demolishing along the way the notion that science can ever be "settled" and beyond question. This is important, because scientific deception will continue to be used in the biosecurity state being built around us.
  •   Renowned Propaganda Expert Piers Robinson-Worst is Still to Come in Global Psy-op if People Do Not Rise Up and Resist
    “Covid-19 is probably one of the biggest propaganda operations we’ve seen in history because of the global nature and the resources put into it,” Robinson said.  “It was pretty clear from the beginning that propaganda was being employed.”
  •   Messing With Your Head: Government’s Psychological War Against Nations Explained by Brian Gerrish
    A presentation by Brian Garrish in which he gave evidence to the 54th session of the Stiftung Corona Ausschuss, the German-based extraparliamentary inquiry by lawyers into the medical establishment’s and public policymakers’ handling of the Covid crisis internationally.
  • Tyranny Justified By A Fraudulent COVID-19 Test . . . That's Not A Test
    This is a segment from a World Freedom Alliance Documentary "COVID-19 Wake Up Call."  This segment focuses on the heart of this global crime against humanity, the COVID-19 Test which isn't a test at all.  It's a process that was never intended as a diagnostic tool but rather as a research tool, a manufacturing process. 
  • Yet Another Great MASKS DON'T WORK Video
    This video starts with a great way to see your breath, in cold weather, to see what REALLY happens with your breath when wearing a mask. People just don't get how STUPID masks are because they can't see how our breath passes right out the sides of the masks. The masks DO NOTHING TO STOP YOUR BREATH FROM ESCAPING INTO THE SURROUNDING AIR. AND, did you know that viruses can enter your body through your eyes? DUH.
  •   David Rasnick PhD Chemist - The HIV Virus Causes AIDS Hoax
    The people behind the COVID-19 Pandemic Hoax did the EXACT SAME THING with the hoax that an HIV virus causes AIDS. This SHOCKING and EYE-OPENING interview is from 2008. David Rasnick, PhD exposes the massive deadly fraud by Big Pharma that has raked in roughly A QUARTER TRILLION in profits so far on a total, absolute CRIMINAL FRAUD.
  •   Inventor of the PCR Test Kary Mullis Exposes Dr. Anthony Fauci For Who He Really Is!
    Kary Mullis won a Nobel Prize for his invention of the PCR test so if anyone would know whether the test is being used properly or not it would be Kary Mullis. In these clips, Kary makes it quite clear what he thinks of Dr. Anthony Fauci and how his test is being misused to deliberately manufacture the false perception of pandemics that don't actually exist. The pandemics are not viral pandemics but rather FAKE TESTING PANDEMICS!
  • Why I Began Questioning HIV
    Kary Mullis was a scientist. He never spoke like a globalist, and said once, memorably, when accused of making statements about HIV that could endanger lives: “I’m a scientist. I’m not a lifeguard.” That’s a very important line in the sand.  Somebody who goes around claiming they are “saving lives,” is a very dangerous animal, and you should run in the opposite direction when you encounter them. Their weapon is fear, and their favorite word is “could.” They entrap you with a form of bio-debt, creating simulations of every imaginable thing that “could” happen, yet hasn’t. Bill Gates has been waiting a long time for a virus with this much, as he put it, “pandemic potential.” But Gates has a problem, and it’s called PCR.
  •   Nurse Blows the Whistle on Latest Scam to Fraudulently Inflate COVID Case Numbers
    This is a short video of a Nurse explaining how they have been deliberately reporting false case numbers. Not only have they been LYING about the validity of the tests but on top of that, they are lying about resulting case numbers based on those fraudulent tests. This whole thing is such a massive criminal fraud it makes one's head spin!
  •   Crimes Against Humanity - Class Action Lawsuit Against Those Responsible for the Criminal COVID-19 Pandemic Hoax
    Dr. Reiner Fuellmich details the information obtained by the German Corona Investigative Committee, information that concludes the entire global COVID-19 pandemic is a massive criminal hoax!
  •   How They Pulled Off the Global Pandemic Hoax
    Many find it hard to believe that anyone would deliberately launch a pandemic that wasn't real, or that something like that could actually be done on a totally coordinated global scale. In this video, David Icke details precisely how it's done.
  • Corbett Report-Lies, Damned Lies and Coronavirus Statistics
    The numbers are in on the great Covid-19 pandemic . . . but unfortunately those numbers are unreliable. From mendacious models and puffed-up projections to dodgy death data and tainted tests, today on The Corbett Report James highlights what the accredited scientists and award-winning researchers are saying about the pandemic pandemonium of 2020.


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