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Loomer Uncovers Diabolical Connection Between Trump "Hush Money" Judge and NY AG Letitia James



Just so you’re in the loop, it seems like the political elites are throwing a massive bash, and surprise, surprise—we’re not on the guest list. We see how all the big shots in the “Destroy Trump” club are in on it together, all bound by this wild, over-the-top obsessive hatred for Trump. For example, the judge handling the sham “hush money” case? It turns out that his daughter isn’t shy about her disdain for Trump, allegedly posting pictures of him behind bars on social media, even after a gag order was issued.

Headline USA:

Loren Merchan’s consulting firm had linked to that same account in a previous social media post, appearing to validate the account’s authenticity.

Trump did not link to the purported photo, but slammed the judge on Truth Social for hypocritically imposing a gag order ahead of his April 15 trial, suggesting his daughter’s partisan activism was indicative of a conflict of interests, much as Democrats have attempted to claim about Ginni Thomas, the wife of conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

“So, let me get this straight,” Trump wrote, “the Judge’s daughter is allowed to post pictures of her ‘dream’ of putting me in jail … but I am not allowed to talk about the attacks against me, and the Lunatics trying to destroy my life and prevent me from winning the 2024 Presidential Election, which I am dominating?”

“Maybe the Judge is such a hater because his daughter makes money by working to ‘Get Trump’ and when he rules against me over and over again, he is making her company, and her, richer and richer,” Trump continued. “How can this be allowed?”

Here’s a screenshot of Loren’s reported account, where you can clearly see that a photo of Trump behind bars is her avatar.


Pretty juvenile for someone in her mid-thirties who’s a “professional,” as well as the daughter of the guy presiding over the sham trial, if true. But then again, it’s less of a shocker once you piece together that Judge Merchan’s daughter is deep in the Democratic machinery. Also, consider this: the very idea of Judge Merchan overseeing this trial is utterly laughable and yet another blow to our once respectable judicial system. What we’re witnessing here are levels of absurdity that dwarf anything lovers Fani and Wade were up to. And to top it all off, he’s pushing to silence anyone speaking out about it with these gag orders.

However, things get even wilder with Judge Merchan and his family. Laura Loomer, that tenacious investigative reporter, has dug around and found out some even more twisted stuff. Laura claims that Judge Merchan’s wife once worked for the very person gunning to take Trump down in another legal battle—New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Yes, you heard that right. Laura says Judge Merchan’s wife was on the payroll of one of the regime’s heaviest hitters (literally and figuratively), aiming to take President Trump out of the game and monkey around with the 2024 election. If Laura’s scoop holds up—that sneaky link between Judge Merchan’s wife and Letitia James—it drags the judge right into the thick of this sprawling political hit job.

Here’s what investigative reporter Laura Loomer had to say on X:


You won’t get this information anywhere else !

Now that Judge Merchan has expanded the Gag order tonight on President Trump, preventing him from speaking about the judge’s family after I exposed Loren Merchan, it’s time for me to introduce you all to Loren Merchan’s mother.


Lara Merchan is the mother of radical leftist political operative Loren Merchan, who’s father is Judge Juan Merchan, the rabid TDS suffering judge presiding over Alvin Bragg’s Lawfare attack against President Trump, was a Special Assistant Attorney General, under New York AG Letitia James.


Lara Merchan was employed by the New York State Attorney General from 2009-2022. Letitia James was “installed” into office in 2019 after running on a campaign to “Get Trump”. I wonder if they’ve ever met.

Do you think they all go on family date nights to the Voodoo shops in Chelsea, NY to put pins into Trump dolls?

I think about that sometimes…


I have provided a copy of Judge Merchan’s mortgage satisfaction document to prove that he and Lara are or were married.

Here’s a closeup of the related images that Laura shared:


Revolver can’t confirm or deny this exclusive from Laura Loomer, but it looks as if she could very well be onto something. After all, we’ve seen dots like this connected in each one of the sham trials. And just like that, now there’s buzz about Judge Merchan having some very questionable ties to Adam Schiff—the lead guy behind the phony Russia hoax fiasco—and Michael Cohen. Cohen’s the definition of a sleazy traitor and has been used as a pawn by all sorts of regime insiders in a bid to take down President Trump.

What a small world and such a tight-knit circle of villains, right? This onslaught against President Trump, covering every angle, is pretty much a colossal political spider with countless legs, all operated by the Uniparty regime, whose job it is to make damn sure no outsiders ever crash their exclusive invite-only party.

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