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Video: Giorgia Meloni's Electrifying Speech at the World Congress of Families

How is it that the ONLY female party leader in Italy wins the recent election and presumably will also become Italy's first female Prime Minister? Well, listen to this speech she gave to the World Congress of Families. Pretty much explains why it's happened.

The World Congress of Families (Congresso Mondiale delle Famiglie) was held in Verona from the 29-31st March. The congress promotes conservative Christian family values. This event was enormously controversial in Italy and attracted 20,000 protesters to the city, the protesters said the congress was homophobic and wanted to restrict women's freedom, keep them at home doing the ironing, take Italy back to the middle ages. Notes / explanations:



(Redacted for Brevity)

They said that we are retrograde, that we are losers, that we are unpresentable, that we are obscurantists, that it’s a scandal that someone wants to defend the natural family founded on marriage, who wants to encourage the birth rate, who wants to value human life, who wants to support educational freedom – which means “No!” to gender ideology.

I send back my answer to the sender of these accusations: that the “retrograde” are those who try to bring censorship back to Italy; by doing so that, an event like this cannot be celebrated.

I think that “obscurantist” is the State, which after having sponsored in recent years exhibits that portrayed a crucifix dipped in a glass of pee today are ashamed to give sponsorship to an initiative like this.

I say that “loser” is one who has nothing better to do than to come here to insult us as we try to speak.

What you can do for the Italian family?

Above all, I say that “unpresentable” are those which advocate practices such as the uterus-for-rent, the abortion in the ninth month and the attempt to block the development of boys with drugs at 11.

That is “unpresentable”!

They have said everything about this congress. That we want to limit freedom of the women; we want them at home ironing clothes. Never mind that I am the only female secretary of a political party in Italy; never mind that I ran for Mayor of Rome while pregnant…

We want to guarantee rights. Today, there are no rights for a woman to be a mother without having to give up having a job. A woman’s right to be a mother and choose not to work, not to have to starve; the right of a woman who is a having to have an abortion because she has no alternative – to have that alternative.

It is true that today that if you are a woman, abortion is seen as “self-determination”. That is not self-determination. Woman can also make another choice…You see, we are here to defend the women and to defend families…

Why is the family so threatening? There is an answer: Because it defines our identity; because everything that defines us in this time is an enemy to those who would like us not to have an identity anymore those who wish we were only perfect consumer-slaves.

Therefore, identity is under attack. National identity is under attack religious identity is under attack, gender identity is under attack, family identity is under attack.

I must not be able to define myself as Italian, Christian, female, mother. No. I must be “Citizen X”, Parent 1, Parent 2. I must be a number, because when I’m only one number, when I no longer have an identity, when I have no more roots, well then, I will be the perfect slave, at the mercy of the great financial speculators; the perfect consumer.

And this is the reason why – this is the reason for which today, this event is so threatening, because we don’t want to be numbers.

We are here to say we are not numbers. We will defend the value of the human person – of each single human person – because each of us has a unique genetic code that is unrepeatable and it is sacred. We will defend it, we will defend God, the homeland and family, that disgust these people so much.

We’ll do it to defend our freedom, because we we will never be slaves and simple consumers at the mercy of financial speculators.

That is our mission. That’s why I came here today.

More than a century ago, Chesterton wrote: “Fires will be kindled to testify that two and two make four. Swords will be drawn to prove that leaves are green in summer.”

That time has arrived. We are ready.

Thank you.

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