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Video: Democrat Gov Hochul Sends Message to New Yorkers Who Don’t Want Bags Searched on Subway: ‘Go Home’



Democrat Gov Kathy Hochul has delivered a troubling message to New Yorkers who don’t agree with having their bags searched while they travel on NYC’s subway system.

As Slay News reported, New York City has brought its controversial stop and frisk policy as the Big Apple suffers soaring crime rates.

NYC’s public transit system has seen a disturbing increase in crimes committed against passengers.

On Tuesday, the city’s Democrat Mayor Eric Adams announced the plans to bring back random bag checks.

The mayor said he also wants more police patrolling the subways as the city attempts to curb a massive crime increase under his watch.

NYC has suffered an almost 20% increase in crime levels during the first two months of 2024 compared to the same period last year, according to NYPD data cited by the New York Post.

There were three homicides in the underground system over January and February.

Incidents such as grand larcenies, felony assaults, and robberies have also skyrocketed.

Uncoincidentally, the crime rates have soared during the same period that the “sanctuary city” has been flooded with illegal aliens.

Nearly 1,000 members of the New York state police, MTA police, and National Guard were reportedly deployed throughout NYC’s busiest subway stations on Wednesday.

They have been deployed to allegedly help curb a spike in transit crime.

Cameras will be installed throughout subway stations as a hopeful deterrent to criminals.

Meanwhile, those using New York’s trains will have their belongings checked before traveling, according to tweets posted Wednesday by Hochul.

“Guess what? We’re going to take some strong action,” Hochul told Good Day New York (GDNY).

“There’s no [stop] and frisk, there’s no profiling.

“All this is a deterrent, saying, ‘you want to commit a crime? Go somewhere else, not on our subways’.

To this, the hosts pushed Hochul on the bag-searching aspect of the new policy.

Apparently, this process will be done “randomly.”

For those New Yorkers who don’t want their bag searched, the governor had some choice words.

“Then go home,” Hochul blasted.

“We’re not going to search you.

The GDNY hosts didn’t push any further on this topic, however.

Instead, they moved the conversation on to general lawlessness within the subway stations and around NYC in general.

Hochul said the decision to protect her constituents was based more on their “feelings,” “emotions” and “psychology” rather than actual statistical rises in crime rates.

She revealed her five-point plan in a Wednesday post on X, which includes:

[1] Increase public safety personnel [2] Introduce legislation to protect riders & workers [3] Add security cameras [4] Boost collaboration to hold offenders accountable [5] Expand SCOUT Teams.”

New York is also suffering under a major illegal migrant crisis that has seen life-long locals of the city want to give up any affiliation with it.

One of these residents, Lady Gaga’s father Joe Germanotta, reportedly said the situation has led to late-night block parties, children being verbally sexually harassed, increased prostitution, and more.

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