Editor's Note: Oh what a wonderful father Joe Biden is, using his OBVIOUSLY SICK SON to engage in massive corruption to pad his own pockets!


By Adam Wilson

The contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop have exposed, among other things, the extent to which Hunter Biden personally profited from peddling his father’s influence while he was Vice President of the United States.  After calling the Hunter laptop scandal ‘Russian disinformation’ for the last year and a half, the New York Times finally acknowledged its legitimacy last week.

Beyond exposing Hunter’s degenerate acts and profiteering off of his father’s political influence, personal emails and texts show that Hunter cut his father in on some of his shady dealings.

Before Biden left office in 2016, his combined income with his wife, Jill Biden, sat under $400,000 at $396,456.  Between 2017 to 2019, Jill and Joe amassed over $16 million in wealth.