Bankers Have Legalized and Institutionalized A Criminal Monopoly On Counterfeiting Money.

Bankers have legalized and institutionalized a criminal monopoly on counterfeiting money.


This is the last in a series written on the workings of our fraudulent banking system. You can find part one here called, "You Can't Bank on the Bankers." You can find part two here called "The Single Largest Crime In World History . . . Bankers steal the sovereign right of nations to create money."

MONEY . . . it's arguably one of the most important resources in our lives and yet most of us have no idea what it really is or more importantly what it's supposed to be. Money is supposed to be a medium of value that allows for a free exchange of goods and services. Money can be anything people commonly recognize as valuable and desirable. Commodities like gold and silver have been used because they have always been recognized as being valuable, relatively rare, durable, easily divisible and readily accepted in exchange for goods and services. The basic idea of money is that it has tangible value that everyone will accept as payment for other items of value.

Money is straightforward when it's commodity-based. A great example is money made from precious metals. You can see with your own eyes that it's something of value. The problems start when governments introduce money substitutes into the economy. A government can declare that anything is money. This kind of money is called "fiat money" because it is simply declared to be money by fiat or decree.

For example, in England the King declared that special wooden sticks were money. They were called tally sticks and were required to pay the King's taxes. The sticks in the photo to the right are of various denomination £20, £40, etc. What's important about tally sticks is that they were split in two making it virtually impossible to counterfeit. One piece was kept by the borrower and was called the stock; the other piece was kept by the Exchequer (a bank of tax authority) and was called the foil. This type of money was used by the British Empire for 726 years. You can read more about tally sticks here.

Money can take many forms. Fiat money's value is based on the faith or confidence that it will be accepted as a medium of exchange even though the material used to create the money is itself worthless.

Which brings us to the fiat money we now use which is called Federal Reserve Notes and the vast majority of what we call money in the form of electronic digital dollars. The paper money and digital dollars we use are only money because the government says it's money. The days when money was tangible like gold or silver are long gone. Money has become a plastic card you carry in your purse or wallet, or numbers in your checking account. In many ways, what we call money has nothing to do with what money is supposed to be. It has become an ethereal medium exploited by the unholy alliance of bankers and government tyrants to exert control over mankind.

For money to be an honest medium of exchange, it must have integrity. If money is based on a tangible commodity like gold or silver, monetary growth is limited by the gold or silver pledged to its backing. In contrast, fiat money is backed by nothing at all.

An example of "real paper money."

A friend of mine sent me something that helped me understand what "real" paper money is. He sent me a one-dollar "silver certificate." Our currency used to be backed by gold and silver. The paper dollar was a receipt that could be exchanged for one silver dollar. This backing by something of real tangible value is what creates faith in a paper currency.

The "Federal Reserve Note" is just a piece of paper backed by nothing other than the government saying that it's money. All you get in exchange for a Federal Reserve Note is another piece of worthless paper or some coins made out of base metal. The reason the Federal Reserve Note has any value is because most people have no idea it's just a piece of paper. The bankers made sure that Federal Reserve Notes looked almost exactly like silver certificates. They just slipped them into circulation and slowly took all the silver certificates out of circulation. Since very few individuals turned silver certificates in for silver, no one even noticed that our sound money was quietly being replaced with fiat currency. What we got in exchange is something that looked just like money but in fact is nothing but worthless paper.

Truth is we didn't even have "real paper money" with the silver certificates because the government was engaged in the fractional reserve scam as well. They didn't have but a fraction of silver on hand to back up the silver certificates. This example helps illustrate what "real paper money" is supposed to be. Real paper money can never lose its value because it's backed by an actual commodity like silver. The value of silver may go up and down in value but history has shown it will always be worth something.

Fiat paper money can become worthless when a government allows too much to be created. An example of this just happened in Zimbabwe, Africa. The photo to the left shows a boy holding stacks of $200,000 notes worth practically nothing.

Another example happened in Germany in the 1920's. Inflation became so extreme their currency became worthless. In the photo on the right, you can see people burning bundles of German Marks in their wood stoves for heat.

The thing we need to remember is most individuals in government and banking are corrupt. The last thing they want is sound currency or a stable, just monetary system. A sound currency makes it very difficult for corrupt people to rape, pillage and steal. It forces the system to function honestly and transparently.

What's Inflation?

Here's a simple example of what inflation is. Imagine a town that used gold coins as money. For security reasons, many people decided to store their gold with the local goldsmith who had a nice secure vault. When people dropped off their gold, the goldsmith would give them a receipt that they could bring in at any time and get their gold returned.

Over time, the goldsmith realized that hardly anyone came in to pick up their gold. He discovered that people were exchanging their receipts; treating them as if they were as good as gold since they had faith the gold was secure in the vault.

One day the dark side of human nature whispered into the ear of the goldsmith and said, "Hey, since nobody comes in for their gold, why not write up some fake receipts? Who would know the difference?" So the goldsmith did just that. He wrote up a few extra receipts and got a friend to go out and trade them for a few items to see what would happen. As he hoped, nobody suspected the gold receipt was counterfeit and his friend came home with a nice feast for dinner.

Seeing this great success the goldsmith ended up writing twice as many receipts as he had gold on hand in his vault. He became the wealthiest man in town as a result. One day the townspeople suspected something was wrong. Prices were going higher on everything. Some goods were very hard to find and suddenly people noticed there was an excess of paper gold receipts flying around town.

As suspicions grew, faith in the receipts diminished. Suddenly they ALL decided to redeem their receipts for their gold. Low-and-behold the goldsmith didn't have enough gold on hand to satisfy all the receipts. The goldsmith could only return half of gold for each receipt rather than the full amount because of all the counterfeited receipts he made. Those extra receipts reduced the value of the original receipts by half.

This is what inflation is. It's an increase in money without a corresponding increase in productivity and wealth. Inflation dilutes purchasing power of all the currency in circulation. As I mentioned earlier, when our money was backed by gold and silver the purchasing power remained stable and even increased. Since the inception of the Federal Reserve System in 1913 and the inflation they created the dollar is now only worth 5% of what it was when the Fed was created.

Bankers and politicians are a predatory class of people, if you can even call them people. They care nothing about the damage they do to others. If they did, why would they have taken so much money from the public coffers and done NOTHING to ease the current financial crisis? They claimed they needed all the money to fix the problems but instead of fixing anything, they are deliberately making things worse. The lunatics in control of our government and the bankers have counterfeited a whopping 24 TRILLION dollars since the first so-called banker bailout. Add to this, the banker's ability to multiply that figure by a factor of 10 through the fractional reserve scam and we're talking about unprecedented hyperinflation that is on the way. These lunatics have already destroyed the value of your savings. If your store of wealth is denominated in Federal Reserve dollars you will soon be looking at them as worth nothing more than a fuel source for your wood stove like they did the Mark in 1920's Germany.

The bankers are not working with owners to keep them in their homes. They are tossing people out of their homes at record rates. They are not freeing up credit. They are drying up consumer credit, dropping credit lines and jacking up interest rates. The bankers have seized total control of our government. We have several
members of Congress that have come right out and admitted it. If we don't get serious about taking control of our government away from them in the next election they will destroy what little is left of this nation. If you can't see how deadly serious they are and how deliberate about what they are doing to bring our nation to its knees by destroying our economy and throwing the bulk of our population into utter despair, then you have not been reading this newsletter closely or carefully. They have already set plans in motion that may be virtually impossible to stop at this point. We are going to suffer far worse consequences in the future.

It is crucial we get serious about taking back control of our government. Our campaign gives us the only way to accomplish it NOW. It's going to take every second between now and the next election to teach enough voters our voting strategy and convince them to follow through in the election. We really need your help to get this job done. If we allow the next election to unfold like the last one, we have no one to blame but ourselves. We allow the people in power to corrupt the results and ensure all the same criminals get to remain in office.

I just posted an article about a new Rasmussen report that reveals 57% of voters in this country would remove the entire current Congress! The desire and will exists in huge numbers. The only thing that's missing is awareness of how to go about doing it.

That's exactly what our campaign is all about. We teach the voting strategy that can maximize our chances of removing incumbents and rendering vote tampering ineffectual. It's up to us to learn this strategy and teach it to others. It's up to us to convince every eligible voter to do it! It's up to YOU!

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