The Single Largest Crime In History . . . Bankers Steal The Sovereign Right Of Nations To Create Money

The Single Largest Crime In World History . . .
Bankers steal the sovereign right of nations to create money.

Resources exist that are said to be the property of society as a whole, things like water and air. Money should be one of those community resources. Money is required in order to create and maintain a healthy, prosperous economy. Money should not be a privatized resource any more than water or air should be. One of the main reasons we establish government in the first place is we all need a way to protect the common resources from exploitation by selfish individuals. One of most important duties of government is to provide a sound monetary system for the benefit of all not just a greedy few.

Last week I covered the fraud of "fractional reserve banking," the nifty little rule that bankers made up that allows them to claim they have SUBSTANTIALLY more money than they actually have. For example, if a banker has a million dollars in customer deposits, he gets to say he really has ten million dollars. A banker can create nine extra million dollars just by making journal entries. Bankers do nothing to earn that nine million. They just say they have it and we allow them to get away with it. For those of you who missed last week's article you can read it here.

You'd think the enormous advantage the fractional reserve banking scam gives the bankers would make them happy little campers. Well . . . you'd be wrong. Predatory bankers are never satisfied. They are like hungry ghosts, beings that are impossible to satisfy. The one big problem with the fractional reserve banking scam is it can only be used on money currently in circulation. For example, if there were only a billion dollars in circulation and it was all deposited into one bank, that bank could only multiply that billion dollars ten times to make an additional nine billion dollars. To a banker, that just won't do.

There is another little snafu with the fractional reserve scam. The extra money they are allowed to create is lent out at interest. In other words, if they have a million in deposits, they can then say they have an extra nine million that they lend out at say ten percent interest. What they can't create is the money necessary to cover the interest. If a banker lends out nine million dollars at ten percent annual interest where is that nine hundred thousand dollars going to come from to pay the interest? The banker is allowed to create the nine million through the fractional reserve scam but they can't create the extra nine hundred thousand dollars to cover the interest payments. Every year more money is needed to cover interest payments. Over time, the interest owed increases exponentially, exceeding the money in circulation. Since money to cover the interest payments is never created, eventually the money in circulation can't even pay the interest much less the principle and the system collapses under its own weight of debt. It's inevitable with this fraudulent system. Not to worry though. Bankers are nothing if not devious. They have ways to prolong the inevitable.

To prolong and expand their fraud the bankers needed the power to create "new" money.

The fractional reserve system only allows bankers to inflate money currently in circulation so the scam can only go so far. To give them a means to greatly expand the fraud and keep it afloat they had to finagle the cooperation of those with the power to create "new" money as well . . . our loyal members of Congress. They worked relentlessly on our representatives in Congress over the decades to convince them it would be better to turn over their sovereign power to create money to the bankers.

There are many reasons the bankers wanted and needed a monopoly over the creation of new money, but for this discussion I just want to focus on one fundamental reason. The fractional reserve money machine is the engine that cranks out most of the counterfeit money the bankers have built their global empire upon. For every "new dollar" they can create, they can multiply it by 10 times through the fractional reserve scam. To keep their counterfeiting presses running, they absolutely need the power to create new money as well. The trick was how to convince the government and the people to go along with it? How do you go about convincing people to hand over that kind of power to people you already know are incredibly greedy and ruthless?

Simple. You create financial disasters, lie, cheat, blackmail, intimidate and murder . . . whatever you have to do in order to bend enough people to your will. Make no mistake. The bankers who are responsible are as far from honorable men as you can get.

Make no mistake. The most powerful bankers are absolute criminals . . . the lowest form of life on the planet.

The story of how the bankers arranged the hostile takeover of our monetary system can be found in many books. One of the best is called, "The Creature From Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin. In a nutshell, the bankers crafted the legislation, carefully chose a name that would mislead everyone into thinking the operation was governmental rather than private. Then they proceeded to do everything they needed to do in order to get members of Congress to pass the legislation. To manufacture public support they even went so far as to run ads in newspapers proclaiming how much they were against the legislation. This projects the idea that if the bankers were against it then it be a good idea.

It took them a long time but the bankers finally secured control over our monetary system that has endured for almost one hundred years. Our Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act back in 1913 and gave the bankers a total monopoly over the creation of "new" money and much, much more. Our Congress abdicated one of their most sacred duties by handing over the most powerful public resource we have into greedy private hands. The Federal Reserve Bank gave private bankers the means to create unlimited wealth and through the manipulation of that wealth, it gave them the means to dominate everyone and everything. This is the ultimate source of power for those in control of our country. If you haven't noticed, they are not the kind of people you want with that kind of power.

Did you know there were two previous central banks in this country? The Federal Reserve Bank wasn't the first. The first central bank was named the First Bank of the United States in 1791. The next one was called the Second Bank of the United States chartered in 1816. Both banks had a twenty-year charter and both banks failed to have their charters renewed because they abused their power beyond all reason. Andrew Jackson said his greatest accomplishment as President was killing the Second Bank of the United States. President Jackson made it clear the bank had to die because it gave the bankers undue economic privilege.

Why would our loyal members of Congress allow another central bank after the bankers abused the power with two previous central banks?

Well, it's quite simple. Political power stems primarily from the ability to tax and regulate. You can only expand the powers of government if you have the money to do so. If you have to rely on raising taxes for every expansion of government, every program, every new bureaucracy, every war, you're going to have to ask the public for the money to fund it.

By handing over control of the monetary system to the bankers, by eliminating "real money" in favor of paper fiat money politicians get a way to tax the people by stealth. Through the central banking scam, politicians gain a way to pay for everything without asking for more money. They just have the FED create it.

What they don't tell you is that every dollar that is created this way dilutes the value of every other dollar currently in circulation. It is a hidden tax on everyone because it steals the buying power of your hard-earned money. Since the Federal Reserve System was established, they have created so much money that a dollar today only has the purchasing power that a nickel had back in 1913. In other words, what you could buy for a nickel back in 1913 will cost you a dollar today. That's inflation, the hidden tax.

Next week, I'll discuss more about what inflation is and how insidious this hidden tax is on our economy. I'll also go into more about how our government and the bankers are joined at the hip more than ever. They are now virtually indistinguishable from each other.

If you haven't noticed whatever the bankers want from government, the bankers get and get BIG. Right now, they are using their power to create money and the fractional reserve scam to multiply the money they are creating ten fold. At the same time, they are drying up access to any of this new money and credit for everyone else. The bankers are doing NOTHING to ease the economic crisis. They are in fact doing everything they can to deliberately make it worse.

I hope you can see now why it's so important to take this power away from the bankers and why it's so important to demand our government provide the sound monetary system that it's supposed to provide. It literally is the very lifeblood of our economy and currently it's in the hands of a small group of ruthless predators that are hell-bent on global domination. As silly as it may sound, that is the truth of it. All those movies we've seen over the years depicting evil groups wanting to control the world turn out to be true. Art often reveals the truth of things long before we're ready to face them head on.

Well, we can no longer ignore the truth of what these bankers are doing. If we don't stop them, they will destroy this country. Bringing our nation down and destroying nation states is essential for the global agenda to materialize. If we allow them to accomplish that here, the rest of the world will fall much more easily. We must stop them here and now.

We have to take control of our government away from them! The good news is we have a way to do it. It's called elections. Our elections give us the ONLY way to hold members of Congress accountable for selling us out to these predatory bankers. We must become serious about using our one Constitutional power to effect sweeping change in our government. We must become revolutionary in the way we vote so we can actually effect sweeping change. If we show up to the next election as impotent as we have in every previous election, the current members of Congress will get to keep their jobs yet again and they will finish destroying what little is left of our nation. I guarantee it. If we allow incumbents to remain in office, if we fail again to remove them, to make them pay the only price we can may them pay, then it's our failing. We have the power to hold them accountable. We just need to wise up and do what needs to be done to actually accomplish it.

The Kick Them All Out Project and Fire Congress campaign has the only voting strategy that's capable of maximizing the odds of defeating incumbents and rendering vote tampering ineffectual. All you need to do is decide whether you want to hold Congress accountable or not. All you have to decide is whether you're going to get serious and realize the urgency of our situation. We no longer have the luxury of time. Congress has rubber stamped everything that's happening. The current Congress has to go if you want to end the reign of the criminal International Banking Cartels.




The Creature from Jekyll Island:
A Second Look at the Federal Reserve
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