Video: San Luis Valley Chemtrail Spraying

This video is a time lapse of just one hour, one afternoon.  You can see at the end, a few jets pass over that are emitting true contrails.  They are very short and disperse quickly behind the jets.  Watch for them at the end, on the middle right.  They move pretty fast in time lapse but you can clearly see them.


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I have been noticing massive amounts of something going on in our skies for quite some time.  I used to live in the Seattle area and was constantly disturbed by it. I've since moved to Colorado, in the San Luis Valley where I thought I'd be free of it but to my surprise, there's just as much going on there as in Seattle.  You can dismiss this as nothing, but like everything else you dismiss as nothing, it doesn't make it go away.  Something is going on in our skies in a massive, massive way and nobody in our government will tell us the truth about it.

We are led to believe WE are causing global warming with all our CO2 pollution.  Well, it sure looks to me like our own government, is up to something far worse than us driving SUVs and dumping huge quantities of God-knows-what into our atmosphere every single day, all over the world.   One thing we should consider is that the people conducting all this spraying are doing it to actually create the phenomenon of global warming in order to advance their global agenda.

There is also another very serious possibility with regards to this spraying.  It could very well be part of a massive eugenics program.  Eugenics has been going on for a very long time, conducted by people that feel there are far too many people on this planet and they need to reduce the population by roughly 80%.  Samples of this spraying have been taken and the contents can pose very great challenges to our immune system.  I know.  It sounds tooooo weird.  But I assure you it's for real.  See the movie END GAME for more details on this diabolical reality and the people engaged in it.  Here's a link to a brief history of eugenics.  You're eyeballs will no doubt be popping out by the end of it.

There fact of the matter is that there are so many "real" environmental problems those in power are totally ignoring.   Our entire food supply is being contaminated with genetically modied strains.  Literally tons of depleted uranium munitions are being spewed all over the world.  Massive amounts of toxic waste are dumped every year by industry and the military.  Our water table is poluted with massive amounts of pharmecuticals that do not degrade when flushed down your toilet.  "REAL" environmental disasters are going on all over the place, including all this massive spraying in our skies, while we're all distracted onto a false issue like CO2 being the cause of global warming.  It's one of the most essential gases for life on earth for crying out loud. 

If you still doubt the CO2 myth, please watch the 3 documentaries I have listed in the Free Video Library

Here are more photos I've found of the phenomenon.

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