Video: Bill Moyers Interview with Fritz Hollings - Telling the Truth About What Our Representatives Spend All Their Time Doing


This is the most amazingly candid interview I've ever heard about what's really going on in our Congress and what our so-called representatives are really doing with all their time.  GET READY FOR SOME TRUTH FOLKS.   And get ready to help us put an end to this insanity by helping us convince enough voters to hold them accountable by VOTING THEM ALL OUT NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY THEY RAISE FOR REELECTION.   We can disrupt this dysfunctional cycle by simply making it impossible for anyone to run for office more than once.  We do this regularly, mercilessly and we can prevent anyone from becoming an entrenched politician, prevent anyone from building their own private power bases.  We must end the notion that politics is a path to wealth and power.


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