Video: South Africa’s Turn to Communism Exposed in U.S. by AfriForum

By Alex Newman

DALLAS, Texas — On a recent trip to the United States, leaders of AfriForum, Africa's largest civil-rights organization, exposed the South African government's growing extremism, including official plans to steal land from European-descent farmers as well as escalating calls for violence and murder against minority communities. Indeed, violence, especially against farmers, is already off the charts.

In an interview with The New American magazine in Dallas, one stop on the trip to America that also included a stay in Washington, D.C., AfriForum Deputy CEO Ernst Roets (shown) explained how serious the situation was getting. Among the key concerns he expressed were the so-called “farm murders” in which innocent families — falsely accused by government of “stealing” the land — are mercilessly tortured and murdered. Thousands have been slaughtered, including babies. Meanwhile, political leaders openly sing songs advocating genocide.

Another top worry expressed by Roets and his organization surrounds the government's plans to expropriate land from white farmers without compensation. The ruling alliance, composed of the African National Congress and the South African Communist Party, is moving increasingly toward full-blown Marxism-Leninism as part of what they refer to as the “Second Phase” of the “National Democratic Revolution.” The Parliament recently voted overwhelmingly to change the Constitution and legalize the theft of property.

At the same time, Roets said there was growing pressure targeting the Afrikaner people, their language, and their culture. For instance, authorities are increasingly forcing Afrikaans-language primary and secondary schools to accept non-Afrikaners in what many view as an effort to erase Afrikaans education. Just recently, Roets said, the courts dealt a devastating blow to the Afrikaans language at the university level, too.   

In the interview, Roets, who is also an attorney, said he hoped the international community would pay attention to the situation and speak out on the escalating violence. He asked that investors from around the world, whose capital would be at risk under the measures being pursued by authorities in South Africa, apply pressure. Especially important is for everyday Americans to speak out about these issues, including on social media, Roets added.   

With growing questions about the future of South Africa and especially its embattled minority communities, Roets also addressed some of the various visions being put forward by concerned citizens and leader. Among the ideas he discussed that are gaining prominence were potential secession and self-determination for oppressed minorities, or even the prospect of further mass emigration to Europe and the United States.   

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While the group is very moderate and mainstream, and works for the benefit of all South Africans, it has been ruthlessly and falsely demonized by the radical left and various racist factions in South Africa. In the United States, though, the group has been gaining traction and spreading its message very succesfully, recently doing an interview with popular Fox News host Tucker Carlson, among other meetings with key figures in the nation's capital.

The New American has been warning about the situation in South Africa, and the well-documented Communist Party affiliations of key revolutionary leaders there, for more than 30 years. More recently, this magazine began sounding the alarm in 2012 after Genocide Watch pointed to evidence of government incitement to genocide in South Africa.  

Last year, The New American reviewed the explosive AfriForum documentary “Tainted Heroes,” which exposes uncomfortable truths about the ANC and its leadership that the Western media tried to suppress. Roets, a key figure behind the documentary, will soon be releasing a book on farm murders titled Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer. AfriForum has more than 200,000 members and is active across a wide range of initiatives in South Africa.

Photo of Ernst Roets: screen-grab from his video interview with The New American

Foreign Correspondent Alex Newman moved to South Africa on his 18th birthday and developed a deep love and respect for its people while living there in 2004-2005. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU or on Facebook. He can be reached at

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