Video: Snowball the Cockatoo Dances To The Back Street Boys

If you're not smiling while watching this video . . .  sorry, but there's something seriously wrong with you.  I found this on the "Bird Lovers Only Rescue" web site. 

I think this wonderful little video goes to remind us all that despite the fact that we have a lot of selfish people ruining this planet and inciting division and conflict, there are still a lot of simple, innocent joys happening in life every single day. As Sam tells Frodo towards the end of Lord of the Rings, there's still some good in this world and it's worth fighting for!

Info on Snowball:
Snowball is a medium sulphur crested Eleanora cockatoo and he loves to dance and sing. He loves the Back Street Boys. No one taught Snowball to dance . . . he just heard this song and suddenly felt like dancing. We're all jealous because he can out dance each one of us . . . nobody likes a show off!  When he's really in the mood, he dances and sings.  And at the end of the performance he takes a bow or two or twenty!!  Enjoy the show.


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