Video: SJW Sex Ed: Comedy Central Mocks Liberal Gender Confusion

A Latino father tries to have “the sex talk” with his indoctrinated son

A Comedy Central sketch released Monday exposed the ridiculousness of today’s gender fluid, pick-you-own pronoun PC culture. 

The show, Alternatino, is about a man named Arturo Castro’s life as a modern Latino man.

It’s time for Arturo to have “the talk” with his teenage son, but to his surprise, the child has already been indoctrinated by a liberal sexual education class.

“There’s more than just boys and girls now,” the boy said after listing many different gender identities.

From genital reconstructive surgery to anal and group sex, the child already knows far more than his father was prepared for.

Exasperated, the father ends up telling his son “get out of my house” after trying multiple times to have a normal discussion, adding, “have fun.”


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