Video: Media Malfeasance: The Ivermectin Poisoning Hoax Exposed

Kristi Leigh Report: IVERMECTIN POISONING HOAX.  Just like they did with Hydroxychloroquine to scare everyone away from it.  Rolling Stone Issues "Correction" After Horse De-wormer Hit Piece Debunked.  Just another example of the death of mainstream media.  As the propaganda puppets clamored to get control of the narrative - due diligence was lost.  The story was a mess, to begin with.  After blasting Joe Rogan for using Ivermectin and daring to get well, nearly every legacy media outlet described the drug as a horse medicine.  It wasn't!  It was the human pill that's been prescribed to billions over decades.  Then they doubled down with this story.  "People Overdosing on the Horse Paste and Clogging Up Hospitals."  KFOR ran this even after running a story dated August 26 saying 11 people had called for poison and drugs since May.  Eleven people?  Over the course of 3-4 months?  Does that sound like it would clog up hospitals?  Were any admitted to ICU?  Did anyone die?


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