Video: LOST - Our National Soverignty - We Must Stop The Law of the Sea Treaty!

It is no coincidence that this treaty's acronym is LOST.  That's exactly what will happen to this nation and our sovereignty if we allow the authors to succeed with it.

 The global elite are about to seize control over our country and this planet through the worst treaty they've ever devised. If allowed to be ratified, the UN will have sovereignty over our country and have the power to directly tax us, which would give the UN an unbelievable revenue stream and power. If we ever hope to stop the transformation of this planet into one controlled by a global elite through all their devious little world government organizations like, the World Bank, the U.N., Council on Foreign Relations, etc, we are going to have to eliminate their control of our Congress.  The global elite have used treaties and international organizations for quite some time to circumvent accountability.  WE MUST STOP THIS IN IT'S TRACKS!


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