Video: Intellectual Froglegs: The End Is Near - AGAIN

Just look at the last 20 years of Global Doom Predictions—although we could go back further.

The primary difference between this Coronavirus Chinese Death Plague Panic and… the Y2K Panic, the numerous Category 5 Hurricanes Panics and Global Warming Panic… is the perceived and highly publicized means with which millions of us are going to die.

The similarity?  Computer Models, hyped by the same people…and they were wrong.  Not just a little wrong…but a LOT wrong.

20 years ago with the Y2K, it was a “worldwide computer crash that could lead to MASS DEATH” —-that was followed by the increased number of hurricanes that would lead to MASS DEATH (major hurricanes actually ceased for 12 years, lol).

Then Al Gore’s global warming models were going to flood New York and Miami—wasn’t that like 5 years ago?  And today—a Chinese virus threatens “Mass Deaths”

And in 2016— their computer models predicted with 98% certainty— a Hillary Clinton landslide (quite possibly the scariest of all).

Everything’s been wrong. The models, the projections, the medical needs…  Everything.

And you cannot possibly perform an honest assessment the situation without analyzing the sources of the hysteria. The experts, the media and the computer models

What’s their track record accurately predicting global catastrophes?


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