Video: Explaining the Stop Social Media Censorship Act

Today’s video of the day comes to us courtesy of Chris Sevier, and explains the Stop Social Media Censorship Act, a proposal that if enacted in all 50 states, could put a significant dent in the censorship we’ve been seeing from social media giants like Facebook and Google.

As Sevier explains, the bill draws off contract law and gives users a private right of action against sites with 75 million users or more.  There are protections for social media companies built into the measure, but it also imposes a $75,000 penalty and provides for additional penalties, damages, court costs and attorney fees, basically making it extremely expensive for companies like Facebook to continue the type of censorship we’ve seen recently.

Here’s the video:


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Sevier further explained:

In my opinion, Facebook has perpetrated a form of fraudulent inducement, tortious interference of business relations, breach of the duty of care, unjust enrichment, and the intentional infliction of emotional distress by at first allowing conservatives and Christians to build a platform where they were supposedly free to express themselves only to then turn around and arbitrarily find some speech permissible and other speech impermissible.

If the measure passes, Sevier said, “those who have been banned or censored for their political and/or religious point of view will now have the means to hold those companies accountable.”

Is this something you’d like to see enacted in your state?  If so, send this to your state lawmakers and help take a bite out of social media censorship.

And if you’ve been the target of Facebook censorship, go here and tell your story.

[Ed.  ~ If this were in place back in 2015, yours truly would have gotten at least $450,000 from Facebook when this was going on…]

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