Video: Dr. Dan Stock Delivers a Masterclass on the Real Science Behind Covid and Vaccines to School Board

The vast majority of school boards across the nation are embracing the guidance being delivered to them by the CDC, NIH, and state health boards. The “guidance” is agenda-driven, not science-driven. They are pushing for universal adoption of the Covid-19 injections, embracing totalitarian control over businesses, and herding the people into a dystopian future with ubiquitous face masks and perpetual fear of a disease with a 99.97% recovery rate for those under the age of 45.

The Mount Vernon School Board in Indiana is adopting the same vaccine and face masks mandates that other school districts are forcing onto staff and students. But they at least had the courage to sit before the people and hear their concerns, something that many school boards have avoided. During one such meeting, Dr. Dan Stock came armed with facts, and boy did he deliver them.


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