Video: David Sereda - EVIDENCE: The Case For NASA UFOs - Part 1 and Part 2 (2004)

This is a two-part classic presentation by David Sereda from back in 2004.  It's arguably one of the most comprehensive and detailed analyses of NASA space shuttle footage that captured undeniable and substantial UFO activity routinely flying around our planet.  One of the most amazing things David exposes is the fact that these objects can't be by the naked eye.  They aren't visible in the narrow spectrum of visible light we can see.  They can only be seen using cameras that can see into the higher UV spectrum of light.  David also delves deeply into the realities of what it would take to travel the vast distances between earth and the nearest known solar systems and how traveling faster than the speed of light can be accomplished.

Having culled through over 400 hours of NASA space shuttle and space station footage for interesting anomalies, David Sereda has selected images that are, to say the least, fascinating. Debunkers, as usual, identify the luminous objects that are flying, streaking and appearing out of nowhere as "debris" or "video anomalies" or "shooting stars" (which reminds me of nothing so much as the old canard of "swamp gas" and "Venus" being mistaken for flying saucers). But "Evidence" offers compelling, well, evidence that seeing is believing. These objects are clearly not dismissible by any conventional, mundane explanation.

In part 1 Sereda presents the footage with commentary based on correspondences he conducted with top NASA scientists about the possible nature of the objects seen in the film. In part 2, and, with little more than a blackboard and chalk, Sereda outlines his radical hypothesis as to the nature of these pulsing disc-shaped objects. These objects appear, as Sereda explains, to have a mini-black hole at their centers which generate electromagnetic gravity waves (I think I have that right) that propel them at FTL speeds. Sereda's discussion of quantum mechanics, the physics of black hole gravity and light distortion, and the nature of the electromagnetic spectrum (for starters), sounds revolutionary, and I'm no expert, but it certainly seems like the first credible hypothesis to explain the nature of FTL propulsion for this particular phenomenon.

If these images are, in fact, UFOs, then the space around our planet is absolutely rife with pulsing discs, swarming luminous spheres and incredibly fast luminescent objects (and pairs of objects) that flash by in a split second. Oddly enough, some of them are actually leaving Earth orbit. Some simply emerge from "nothing" and seem to glide into Earth orbit. Based on their size relative to the NASA 12 mile long tether experiment, Sereda estimates the discs that pass behind it to be 2-3 miles in diameter. One big mother of a ship.

From Earth we see meteorites streak across the sky as they burn up in our atmosphere. But from a vantage point 300 miles above the Earth, what would cause objects to luminously streak across the field of view above the atmosphere? Or, more importantly, streak outward away from the atmosphere? And so Sereda's starting point is simple: How do objects flying outside of the Earth's atmosphere, in the void of space, appear as radiant objects unless they are self-luminescent, i.e., generating electromagnetic energy.




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