Video: RFK, Jr. Hammers Anti-Choice Democrats for Forced Vaccines, Being Stooges for Big Pharma


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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., the son of a former Senator and nephew of a former President, has been a Democrat his entire adult life. But in a moment that seems similar to Ronald Reagan’s famous quip, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me,” the environmental activist hammered his fellow California Democrats for their authoritarian passage and subsequent signing of SB 714 and SB 276, the “Vaccination Exemption Bills” that will force parents to have their children vaccinated by preventing doctors from giving them exemptions.

“This is the party that’s supposed to stand up to big corporations,” Kennedy said before a passionate group of medical choice advocates. “This is the party that’s supposed to stand up for women. This is the party that’s supposed to stand up to the bullies. This is the party that’s supposed to stand up for freedom of choice. When did it become the enforcement weapon of the pharmaceutical industry in its war against our children?”

The controversial bills have prompted medical choice and parental rights activists to protest loudly and oftentimes aggressively to the point that several arrests were made. Protesters shut down debate for two hours in the state legislature before the bills were amended, passed, and sent to the Governor’s desk. Republicans generally opposed the bills as medical oppression and removal of parental choice.

“This goes past vaccines and is again a major government overreach,” said Republican Assemblyman Devon Mathis of Visalia, adding that, “Our medically fragile children are what are at stake.”

Kennedy’s fiery speech cut to the heart of the New Democratic Party as they embrace authoritarianism and Marxism as part and parcel of their bear-hug of outright communism. He noted how the hypocrisy within the party is driven by a tribal mentality, that even those who quietly oppose the direction of the party are unwilling to stand up against it.

It’s ironic that presidential candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders condemn big corporations and those making profits in the medical industry, yet their party is mandating the worst aspects of both. Big Phama pushes treatments and vaccines because they’re exponentially more profitable than cures. Kennedy railed on both the practices of Big Pharma as well as the corruption within his party that has been bought off by them.

The left frames this as a public health issue, citing the recent measles outbreak as evidence to force vaccinations, but they are avoiding the ever-important reality that some vaccines have been demonstrated to cause more harm than good, especially in the medically vulnerable. Most vaccines are rushed through studies and jammed into our children without consultation or warning. In California, this will now happen without consent.

Kennedy also went after the media that enables and protects Big Pharma while running cover for progressives.

“It’s very hard to slow the momentum because they’ve captured everyone,” Kennedy said. “They’ve captured our newspapers, our press. Some of it has paid off, but a lot of the media has self-appointed itself as the guardians, the gateway to protect the American people from dangers at home. That’s not the job of the press.”

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, may not be a Republican, but he understands the dangers of a Democratic Party that embraces authoritarian rule over the people’s health. This impromptu speech is a must-watch for all patriots.

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