Video: John Kelly Full One-On-One Interview With Laura Ingraham

Trump White House Chief of Staff John Kelly appeared on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” the retired Marine general reminded viewers that everybody is innocent until proven guilty. Kelly said Paul Manafort and Rick Gates’s alleged crimes, which were purportedly carried out between 2006 and 2015, happened long before they joined the Trump campaign. In a 12-count indictment unsealed yesterday, Manafort – a former Trump campaign executive – and Gates – Manafort’s longtime deputy – have been accused of a bevy of offenses, including tax fraud, money laundering, failing to disclose their foreign lobbying work, and conspiring against the US.

He also suggested that the administration has no plans to fire Mueller, as was reported yesterday, and also doesn’t plan on taking steps to defund the investigation, like Steve Bannon reportedly suggested.

“All of the activities as I understand it that they were indicted for was long before they ever met Donald Trump or had any associated with the campaign. I think the reaction of the administration is let the legal justice system work, everyone is innocent until proven guilty and we’ll see where this goes.”

The indictment does not point to any of  Manafort’s work for Trump’s campaign, which took place between March of 2016 until his ouster in August.


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