Video: Dr. Scott Atlas Corrects Deliberate Misleading Statements Made By CDC Director Redfield

FINALLY! Trump has put an honest doctor on the podium! Unlike Fauci, Birx and the likes of Redfield, Dr. Atlas is a doctor that's "actually" interested in providing honest information about the so-called pandemic.

This is a clip from a briefing given by Dr. Scott Atlas in which he corrects one of the many deliberately misleading statements made by the totally corrupt Director of the CDC Robert Redfield. Redfield deliberately cited OLD DATA to falsely claim that 90% of people are still susceptible to getting sick from COVID-19 in order to keep the false narratives going, to keep the fear-mongering going.

One of the most striking things about this briefing is the fact that you can hardly find it anywhere. It's been mostly scrubbed from YouTube. No media coverage. BUT, you can find a TON of articles attacking Dr. Atlas with all the usual smears because he's not perpetuating the "official false narratives" needed to keep the mindless hysteria and fear going.


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