Video: Dr. Kelly Victory Presents An Incredibly Comprehensive AND HONEST Perspective on the Realtiy of COVID-19

Editor's Note: COVID-19 ALERT:  Many people say they just can't tell who to believe most of the time.  Well, figuring out who is telling you the truth and who is lying to you is actually quite simple.  The people lying to you usually provide very little information that isn't "emotionally charged." This is deliberate because when your emotions kick in, when fear kicks in, PANIC ensues bypassing your ability to think clearly.  Then those who are lying to you push a sense of urgency to keep you in fear which keeps you cut off from any critical thought.   They also work to vigorously suppress and/or censor information other than the so-called "official story".  The people telling you the truth, on the other hand, usually provide you with a lot of information that isn't emotionally charged.  They typically also provide source material so you can research what they say yourself.  People who tell the truth do their very best to reveal as much as possible and put things into a sensible, balanced "unemotionally charged" perspective.  They don't inform in order to create as much hysteria as they possibly can.  They inform you in order to provide "real understanding."

Dr. Victory is the kind of Doctor who should be advising the President and directing the response to the COVID-19, not the totally corrupt, self-serving evil numbskulls Dr. Fauci/Bill Gates and Co. who have been deliberately misleading the American People into a totally mindless panic to advance their own sick agenda to force their vaccine on everyone.  Fire FauciHire Dr. Kelly Victory!  We need TRUTH, not MINDLESS HYSTERIA!


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