How Many People Died Because Mainstream Media Panned Hydroxychloroquine?

We've long said mainstream media hated Hydroxychloroquine simply because President Trump endorsed it. Now that studies show it saved lives, mainstream media's victims deserve answers.

by JD Rucker

President Trump was right. Even CNN and other Trump-hating mainstream media outlets had to admit this morning that an encouraging comprehensive study has shown Hydroxychloroquine as part of COVID-19 treatment saved lives. Granted, CNN is already trying to spin their way out of the news, but the cat is mostly out of the bag. What President Trump said may be effective, many in mainstream media said was dangerous. What President Trump took himself as a preventative, some in mainstream media said could kill people. The President was right. The media talking heads were wrong.

Now, we have to ask the morbid but important question: How many people died as a result of mainstream media’s Trump Derangement Syndrome? Dr David Samadi estimates it could be thousands. Dr. Samadi talked about the coronavirus on our podcast in May:

This isn’t the first study to point to the potential benefits of Hydroxychloroquine as part of a treatment regimen, but it’s the first to be generally accepted as comprehensive enough to draw strong conclusions. For months, smaller studies have shown promising results, but the counter-narrative from both Democrats and mainstream media cast continuous doubt on the efficacy of the treatment. It prompted many doctors to hesitate in prescribing the anti-Malaria drug despite being proven safe to humans for the last seven decades.

Many politicians even tried blocking it as a possible treatment, all because President Trump touted it. Some at NOQ Report have speculated that if Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi or former Vice President Joe Biden had touted the drug before the President did, the narrative would have been reversed. It seems as if even in matters that should squarely fall on doctors and scientists, politics got in the way. As a result, people died.

Others are pointing their fingers squarely at mainstream media, including former acting DNI Richard Grenell:

Imagine if mainstream media’s Trump Derangement Syndrome had been put on hold for the sake of saving lives. It’s impossible to know how many people could have been saved, but one thing is certain. Some would have been.


“YOU MUST LISTEN TO THE EXPERTS!” Remember that loud refrain that we have been hearing for weeks? Well… OOOOPS! It turns out that the “experts” and much of the “authoritative sources” in the media were DEAD WRONG as this video reveals. Note: These video clips are for the purpose of commentary thus constituting fair use by all that is sacred and holy.

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