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1. Scientists Say They Have Created the Closest Thing To A New Life Form
Editor's Note: This stuff is just crazy. These people have ZERO idea what damage this can do to all life on this planet. We already have massive health problems caused by GMOs. Scientists say two new, laboratory-built ‘letters’ can survive harmoniously alongside the natural alphabet of DNA in a cell. ...
by Editor on 12/10 04:22PM - Story - 9 Hits
2. Watching the Watchmen: First Ever Pentagon Audit Begins
Editor's Note: Well, it's about damned time. I sure hope it's a serious effort. Remember what happened the day before the events of September 11, 2001? Donald Rumsfeld announced the fact that the Pentagon bureaucracy should be considered a grave threat to the United States, that it cannot account for ...
by Editor on 12/10 02:49PM - Story - 12 Hits
3. Video: Senator Grassley on Importance of Congressional Oversight
Senator Grassley is one of the few truly honest people in Congress . . . This is an epic and important speech.   If the video won't play please report the problem by clicking here.      
by Editor on 12/08 11:07AM - Story - 21 Hits
4. Video: Rep. Jim Jordan GRILLS FBI Director Chris Wray Over Mueller Investigation
Editor's Note: Jim Jordan goes right to the heart of the whole trumped up Russia collusion witch hunt, the fake Trump dossier, paid for by the Clinton campaign, the DNC AND the FBI. This fabricated and fake dossier was used to justify a FISA warrent to wiretap the Trump campaign ...
by Editor on 12/08 09:59AM - Story - 27 Hits
5. DARPA Developing “Genetic Doomsday” Weapon To Exterminate Populations On Demand…
By Mike Adams The U.S. military agency known as DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is investing $100 million into so-called “genetic extinction technologies” that could be deployed to exterminate targeted human populations. Emails acquired under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), “suggest that the US’s secretive Defense Advanced ...
by Editor on 12/07 11:07AM - Story - 59 Hits
6. Video: Is Fascism Right Or Left?
Every Republican president since the 1970s has been called a fascist. Ironic, no? After all, fascism has its roots in the left. Dinesh D'Souza, author of The Big Lie, explains.     If the video won't play please report the problem by clicking here.      
by Editor on 12/07 10:34AM - Story - 31 Hits
7. Video: Victor D Hanson Explains The Complete Corruption of the Obama Administration helped Sabotage Hillary
Editor's Note: This is a very interesting and insightful (and dispassionate) analysis of he current state of political affairs.   If the video won't play please report the problem by clicking here.      
by Editor on 12/06 05:48PM - Story - 41 Hits
8. Seven Myths About the GOP Tax Reform
When the history of the current year in American history is written, the passage of the 2017 tax reform bill will likely take a very large role.   by John Carney After a decade of economic contraction and listless  growth, Americans demanded a new set of policies that would ...
by Editor on 12/05 11:07AM - Story - 68 Hits
9. Video: Lifelike Animatronic Abraham Lincoln!
This incredibly lifelike animatronic Abraham Lincoln is the work of Garner Holt Productions, which has been making robots for theme parks, museums, and other attractions for 40 years. We get up close to this robot and chat with its creator, Garner Holt, about the state of animatronics you see in ...
by Editor on 12/04 05:38PM - Story - 72 Hits
10. Video: Dershowitz: No Case For ‘Obstruction of Justice’ Against Trump
Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz tells Fox News that Dianne Feinstein has no idea what she is talking about when she claims President Trump could be charged with “obstruction of justice” for firing former FBI director James Comey. Feinstein told NBC News yesterday that Trump fired Comey because he did not agree ...
by Editor on 12/04 04:30PM - Story - 65 Hits
11. Supreme Court Allows Full Enforcement of Trump Travel Ban
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court on Monday allowed the Trump administration to fully enforce a ban on travel to the United States by residents of six mostly Muslim countries. This is not a final ruling on the travel ban: Challenges to the policy are winding through the federal courts, ...
by Editor on 12/04 03:41PM - Story - 63 Hits
12. DOJ has been investigating the FBI for 11 months
(L-R) Attorney General Jeff Sessions – FBI Director Christopher Wray By Sundance Did you know the DOJ has been investigating the FBI for 11 months…. wait, what? Hold-up on the criticism folks.  Three important statements today from the DOJ, FBI and OIG indicate there have been ongoing investigations and ...
by Editor on 12/04 08:50AM - Story - 73 Hits
13. Video: Katie Hopkins - Get Furious and Fight Back
Katie Hopkins speaks to an American audience, warning them not to let the same thing that is happening to the UK happen to America!  SHE IS BRILLIANT, COURAGEOUS, BRUTALLY TRUTHFUL, INSPIRING and FUNNY AS HELL!  KATIE IS AN EXAMPLE OF A WOMEN THAT EVERY FEMINIST SHOULD ASPIRE TO BE LIKE! ...
by Editor on 12/03 04:29PM - Story - 90 Hits
14. "Little Rocket Man's Risky Game" - Pat Buchanan Explains
By Pat Buchanan In the morning darkness of Wednesday, Kim Jong Un launched an ICBM that rose almost 2,800 miles into the sky before falling into the Sea of Japan. North Korea now has the proven ability to hit Washington, D.C. Unproven still is whether Kim can put a miniaturized ...
by Editor on 12/03 09:09AM - Story - 69 Hits
15. Video: Judicial Watch - Shining a Spotlight on Special Counsel Robert Mueller
In this episode of "On Watch," JW Director of Investigations & Research Chris Farrell delves into Special Counsel Robert Mueller's record in law enforcement. Mueller has a particularly checkered past, including mishandling an the investigation into Bin Laden's associates and the anthrax attacks occurring after 9/11, sanitizing FBI counter-terrorism training ...
by Editor on 12/03 08:00AM - Story - 64 Hits
16. Expanding DNA's Alphabet Lets Cells Produce Novel Proteins
Editor's Note: This stuff is insane. MAN-MADE DNA!? It's a fact that allergies and other ailments have exploded because of GMOs which which have been genetically altered rendering natural food unrecognizable by our digestive systems. So let's create more adulterated things on the level of DNA that will reek havoc ...
by Editor on 12/02 12:00PM - Story - 67 Hits
17. Video: Jerome Corsi Update About Why Soros And Tech Giants Are All For Net Neutrality
The Obama Administration hijacked the term "net neutrality" and as usual, it now means the exact opposite of what everyone thinks it means. The term "net neutrality" now refers to legislation intended to "neutralize content they don't like on the net." Obama's net neutrality law, which has only been in ...
by Editor on 12/01 07:24AM - Story - 80 Hits
18. Video: New Clinton Email Bombshell
Tucker Carlson interviews Former Intelligence Communications Inspector General about how we was treated when he brought attention to the serious national security threat posed by Hillary Clinton's private email server.   If the video won't play please report the problem by clicking here.      
by Editor on 11/29 04:53PM - Story - 80 Hits
19. Video: David Icke - The Cruellest Hoax, Israel's Fake History
David Icke provides a summary of the "real history" of how the state of Israel came into being and what it has led to.  Really disgusting that so many have no idea what a fraud/con job the whole thing has been and remains to be.   If the video won't ...
by Editor on 11/29 04:18PM - Story - 79 Hits
20. Video: Why Superintelligent AI Could Be the Last Human Invention | Max Tegmark
MAX TEGMARK: Hollywood movies make people worry about the wrong things in terms of super intelligence. What we should really worry about is not malice but competence, where we have machines that are smarter than us whose goals just aren’t aligned with ours. For example, I don’t hate ants, I ...
by Editor on 11/27 01:29PM - Story - 81 Hits
21. Video: Meet the People Building Their Own Internet in Detroit
When it comes to the internet, our connections are generally controlled by telecom companies. But a group of people in Detroit is trying to change that. Motherboard met with the members of the Equitable Internet Initiative (EII), a group that is building their own wireless networks from the ground up ...
by Editor on 11/26 04:01PM - Story - 95 Hits
22. Video: Stefan Molyneux - Is Congress Being Blackmailed?
Editor's Note: I think it should be obvious to everyone that this is one the primary ways to compromise Congress Critters. Get evidence of inappropriate and criminal sexual/deviant behavior (pedophilia) and use it to control them.   If the video won't play please report the problem by clicking here.   ...
by Editor on 11/26 01:58PM - Story - 104 Hits
23. Video: Edward Klein - FBI Warns of Coming Left-Wing Violence
A big bomb that best-selling author Edward Klein drops in his new book “All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump” is his publishing of FBI documents warning of violence coming from Antifa and other left-wing groups, which Democrats support. Klein says, “In the FBI report, that I have reproduced ...
by Editor on 11/26 10:50AM - Story - 85 Hits
24. George Soros' $18 Billion Tax Dodge Exposed
The wealthy have tucked billions into private nonprofits... where the IRS can’t touch it.   by Tyler Durden Congress is still scrambling to find ways to pay for its tax cut, so perhaps it should pay closer attention to last month’s news that George Soros had transferred $18 billion ...
by Editor on 11/25 08:07AM - Story - 113 Hits
25. Cancer Breakthrough: Potential Cure Could Be Ready As Early As Next Year
By Mark Reynolds British scientists are developing an immune therapy based on blood cells from patients who have made “miracle” recoveries from the disease. They believe they have found a way to extract the cancer-killing immune cells from donor blood and then multiply them by the million. The team ...
by Editor on 11/24 10:46AM - Story - 109 Hits
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