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1. Scientists Say They Have Created the Closest Thing To A New Life Form
Editor's Note: This stuff is just crazy. These people have ZERO idea what damage this can do to all life on this planet. We already have massive health problems caused by GMOs. Scientists say two new, laboratory-built ‘letters’ can survive harmoniously alongside the natural alphabet of DNA in a cell. ...
by Editor on 12/10 04:22PM - Story - 9 Hits
2. Watching the Watchmen: First Ever Pentagon Audit Begins
Editor's Note: Well, it's about damned time. I sure hope it's a serious effort. Remember what happened the day before the events of September 11, 2001? Donald Rumsfeld announced the fact that the Pentagon bureaucracy should be considered a grave threat to the United States, that it cannot account for ...
by Editor on 12/10 02:49PM - Story - 12 Hits
3. Video: Senator Grassley on Importance of Congressional Oversight
Senator Grassley is one of the few truly honest people in Congress . . . This is an epic and important speech.   If the video won't play please report the problem by clicking here.      
by Editor on 12/08 11:07AM - Story - 21 Hits
4. Video: Rep. Jim Jordan GRILLS FBI Director Chris Wray Over Mueller Investigation
Editor's Note: Jim Jordan goes right to the heart of the whole trumped up Russia collusion witch hunt, the fake Trump dossier, paid for by the Clinton campaign, the DNC AND the FBI. This fabricated and fake dossier was used to justify a FISA warrent to wiretap the Trump campaign ...
by Editor on 12/08 09:59AM - Story - 27 Hits
5. DARPA Developing “Genetic Doomsday” Weapon To Exterminate Populations On Demand…
By Mike Adams The U.S. military agency known as DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is investing $100 million into so-called “genetic extinction technologies” that could be deployed to exterminate targeted human populations. Emails acquired under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), “suggest that the US’s secretive Defense Advanced ...
by Editor on 12/07 11:07AM - Story - 59 Hits
6. Video: Is Fascism Right Or Left?
Every Republican president since the 1970s has been called a fascist. Ironic, no? After all, fascism has its roots in the left. Dinesh D'Souza, author of The Big Lie, explains.     If the video won't play please report the problem by clicking here.      
by Editor on 12/07 10:34AM - Story - 31 Hits
7. Video: Victor D Hanson Explains The Complete Corruption of the Obama Administration helped Sabotage Hillary
Editor's Note: This is a very interesting and insightful (and dispassionate) analysis of he current state of political affairs.   If the video won't play please report the problem by clicking here.      
by Editor on 12/06 05:48PM - Story - 41 Hits
8. Seven Myths About the GOP Tax Reform
When the history of the current year in American history is written, the passage of the 2017 tax reform bill will likely take a very large role.   by John Carney After a decade of economic contraction and listless  growth, Americans demanded a new set of policies that would ...
by Editor on 12/05 11:07AM - Story - 68 Hits
9. Video: Lifelike Animatronic Abraham Lincoln!
This incredibly lifelike animatronic Abraham Lincoln is the work of Garner Holt Productions, which has been making robots for theme parks, museums, and other attractions for 40 years. We get up close to this robot and chat with its creator, Garner Holt, about the state of animatronics you see in ...
by Editor on 12/04 05:38PM - Story - 72 Hits
10. Video: Dershowitz: No Case For ‘Obstruction of Justice’ Against Trump
Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz tells Fox News that Dianne Feinstein has no idea what she is talking about when she claims President Trump could be charged with “obstruction of justice” for firing former FBI director James Comey. Feinstein told NBC News yesterday that Trump fired Comey because he did not agree ...
by Editor on 12/04 04:30PM - Story - 65 Hits
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