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1. Video: This New 'Perfect' Battery Has Experts Stumped
One of the inventors of the modern lithium-ion battery, John Goodenough, and a team of researchers claim to have invented a new solid state battery. But is it too good to be true?   If the video won't play please report the problem by clicking here.      
by Editor on 11/17 09:41AM - Story - 8 Hits
2. Video: Sean Hannity Details How All Clinton Scandals Fit Together
Sean Hannity details exactly how all the known Clinton scandals, from the private server to Uranium One and everything in between fit together. Amazing presentation!   If the video won't play please report the problem by clicking here.      
by Editor on 11/16 01:48PM - Story - 19 Hits
3. US Scientists Made A Genetically Modified Human Embryo
  The Daily Sheeple This is the first confirmed case of the gene editing of human embryos in the US and it gets scientists one step closer to the ability to create genetically engineered humans. Researchers in Portland, Oregon have used a powerful gene editing tool called CRISPR to create ...
by Editor on 11/16 11:31AM - Story - 18 Hits
4. Another Reason To Drain The Swamp: : Sexual Harassment Is Rampant In The Halls Of Congress
  By Michael Snyder Did you know that the House of Representatives has paid out $15,000,000 to victims of sexual harassment in recent years?  I am going to share some things with you in this article that are deeply disturbing, but it is for a purpose.  The status quo ...
by Editor on 11/16 08:04AM - Story - 20 Hits
5. Video: Ray McGovern To Bill Binney Do Americans Deserve To Hear Us, With Our 50 yrs Intel Experience?
President Donald Trump repeated his assertion over the weekend that Moscow did not meddle in the 2016 presidential election, in direct conflict with conclusions drawn by the US intelligence community. But that official judgment runs counter to a group of former intel analysts who say that the so-called Russian hack ...
by Editor on 11/15 05:11PM - Story - 18 Hits
6. Video: Scientists Urge Banning Autonomous Robots
Killer robot ALERT: Video shows AI carry out mass murder WITHOUT human orders KILLER robots that make their own decisions need to be banned urgently or humans face mass murder, desperate campaigners have pleaded.   If the video won't play please report the problem by clicking here.      
by Editor on 11/14 11:05AM - Story - 29 Hits
7. Video: HAARP - High Frequency Active Auroral Reasearch Program
This is an Informative video on HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Reasearch Program)the new weather modification and mind control Star Wars Defense Initiative (SDI)weapon of the US military. HAARP is capable of creating weather like hurricanes and tornadoes and tsunamis and earthquakes. It is also capable of altering peoples moods. ...
by Editor on 11/14 10:57AM - Story - 20 Hits
8. Video: HAARP - Holes In Heaven
This is yet another example of EXTREME technology that is being used on us and the entire planet without any public debate or oversight.  And, as usual, it's in the hands of a relatively small number of people that clearly can't be trusted simply by virtue of the fact that ...
by Editor on 11/14 10:52AM - Story - 23 Hits
9. Video: Boston Dynamics Robot Dog The New SpotMini
Boston Dynamics is the mad robot scientist of our waking dreams. Every few years, they unveil a new robot that straddles the fine line between "so realistic its incredible" and the uncanny valley. Its latest robot dog, the SpotMini, which the company casually introduced with this new video, is ...
by Editor on 11/14 10:37AM - Story - 33 Hits
10. Video: Message from the DNC - SNL
Editor's Note:  Well looky here.  SNL actually stop Trump bashing to level some actual truth about the Democrats and Killary?  Of course, they had to ruin it by putting the Mark Cuban (Rhino) for president at the end. Tells you who Cuban really is. Nancy Pelosi (Kate McKinnon), Dianne Feinstein ...
by Editor on 11/13 04:43PM - Story - 29 Hits
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