Please Help Make This Project Become A Reality By Becoming A Supporting Member

Please help make this project a reality by making a generaous donation!

The Kick Them All Out Project is a Non-Profit but we are not a tax-exempt non-profit.  Your gifts will not be tax deductible. 

We chose to set it up this way because there are too many restrictions on what you can and can't say and do attached to being a tax-exempt operation.  The government set up the tax-exempt option as a way to censor groups.  We must be free to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done without restrictions.

With your generous ongoing support, WE CAN hold members of Congress accountable.  Demonstrating we are finally serious about accountability by not just threatening, but actually removing members of Congress from office, it will inevitably lead to ending the insatiable, mindless and wasteful taxing and spending of our hard earned money.  In other words, helping us is going to lead to you being able to keep much more of your money.  Your support will also help us end the ability of the government and the central bankers to extort the hidden tax of inflation by their unrestricted ability to print money out of thin air whenever they want.  A little support from many, on a monthly basis will give us the funding we need to make The Kick Them All Out Project a success.  This cannot happen unless you help make it happen.


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