Project Summary In A Nutshell
This is the briefest explanation possible of what this project is all about and what it aims to accomplish.
The Simple Two Step Plan
This is exactly what we have to do in order to SERIOUSLY turn things around.
Exactly How This Project Will Work
A complete explanation of how we can take back our government in the upcoming election.

A few comments by supporters of this project.

ARTICLE: There are more non-voters than voters. If you all you non-voters would download this form and register to vote, and show up at the polls to VOTE ALL THE INCUMBENTS OUT OF OFFICE we could pull this off!!

Your Federal and State Representatives
A complete list of Federal and State Government incumbents so you know who NOT to vote for!
VIDEO: This is the documentary that inspired the Kick Them All Out Project.  This information is so unbelievably disturbing that I'll be amazed if you don’t feel inspired to get off your rear and help us do something to stop these global control freaks.

Get Your Copy of "The Santa Clara Blues"
The startling history of how corporations subverted the Constitution and opened the door to the takeover of our government and practically everything else as well.

Click Here For Our Site Banners To Help Promote This Project
Please slap some of these banners on your site to help promote this project.  the faster we get people aware of this radically simple plan the better.
Download a FREE COPY of our famous Uncle Sam Poster to help us take back our government in the upcoming election. Click on the poster icon to the left to download a PDF copy you can print out and plaster everywhere!

Street Action and Mail In Campaign. Here's a way for everyone to let members of Congress know exactly what we feel and think about the betrayal of our trust and what we intend to do about it!

Campaign Cards
Download your FREE COPY of our promotional cards to help spread the word about the Kick Them All Out Project. This two sided card can be easily printed out on Avery 8871 Business card stock.

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