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Video: Ted Cruz And His Cuban Aunt BLAST Bernie Sanders’ Cuba Love

They should know — while Bernie merely admired Fidel’s Cuba… Ted’s Aunt had to LIVE there! And she’s sitting down with Sen Cruz and Mike Knowles to set the record straight. Bernie Sanders Cuba

The left DOES love ‘lived experience’ as he coin of their realm, don’t they? Well, how about we give them some REAL ‘lived experience’ of Cuban nationals themselves.

What is Cuba truly like once you venture PAST any places the government wants international visitors to see?

Did Bernie happen to mention the fact that the Cuban people are all equal — equally poor, that is. Actually, that’s only partly true. The exception being any one of the government-connected fatcats that get to live large with a billionaire’s lifestyle.

Did he mention the fact that Cubans who go back to visit relatives often go with a suitcase full of medicine, clothes and toilet paper? Or that it’s not unusual for visitors to leave their own bras and underwear behind with friends and family because there is not to be had there?

Probably not.

What about that education system Bernie was so impressed by?

Did he happen to mention that they actively tried to expunge belief in any god other than the State… just like so many militant leftists do right here in America? Or that teachers are compelled to teach kids Communist propaganda, and aren’t allowed to quit their job? (Ted’s grandmother’s only way to defy the state order to teach propaganda was to fake insanity.

How about the ‘neighborhood watch’ political hall monitors whose job it was to snitch to the State about anyone thought to be disloyal? Or the way kids were encouraged to turn in their own family members for speaking against the party — even in the privacy of their own home? Based on previous shortages, that home may not have toilet paper.No crap, it’s true.

If the Left works so hard for enlarged government authority and diminished personal freedom, shouldn’t we stop to ask ourselves how well that model REALLY works in practice?

Because — contrary to the left’s popular opinion — it really HAS been tried before.

And the world should think twice about cheering for a massive decline in the American economy. If we collapse, the world we’re connected to goes down with us.

The only people who benefit from THAT scenario are a few well-insulated billionaires who can afford to buy and sell whole countries to further fatten their own wallets and extend their global power base even further, and regional warring factions who could exploit the chaos to settle old scores or pursue private ambitions.

Watch Ted Cruz and his Aunt Talk about the REAL Cuba, not Bernie Sanders’ propaganda, in the video below:


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Video: China Labor Camp Survivor Details Government Organ Harvesting and "Realities" of Socialism

Speaking in front of the U.S. Capitol, Jennifer Zeng, a China labor camp survivor, details how she and her family were captured and tortured by the Chinese Communist Party. She also lays out how the Chinese government collects and maintains a database of blood samples and tissue types for harvesting human organs.


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Video: Joshua Philipp On Marxism in America, the Communist China Threat, Unconventional Warfare and Hong Kong

How does communist ideology manifest in the current political landscape? How did Marx and his followers endeavor to rewrite history?

What are some major misconceptions people have about socialism and communism, and the end results of these ideologies?

What are the origins of Antifa? And what is the purpose of the violence they frequently engage in?

And where does political correctness originally come from?

In this special episode with a studio audience in Laguna Beach, California, we sit down with The Epoch Times’ award-winning investigative reporter and senior editor Joshua Philipp. He is a recognized expert on unrestricted and asymmetrical hybrid warfare, subversion, and cyber security, especially in the context Chinese Communist Party.

We discuss Marxist revisionist history, the end goals of communism, Antifa violence, and the spread of political correctness. We also examine the Chinese Communist Party’s global ambitions and its extensive influence and warfare operations in the US and around the world.


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Liberal Lesbian ‘Red pilled’ After Erica Thomas Hate Hoax

‘I expect to lose friends, but I don’t care’


A lesbian who identified as a liberal says she has switched political affiliations after a recent leftist hate hoax.

In a lengthy thread, Twitter user Christina Andrews announced she was tired of everything from liberal support for Antifa violence to the left’s promotion of 11-year-old drag kid Desmond the Amazing.

“You know what? Fuck it. I’m done. As of today, I’ve swallowed the red pill,” she wrote on Sunday.

“I’ve tried half-heartedly defending the left ever since it was obvious we were only getting half the story in the Rodney King debacle,” Andrews wrote, adding, “No more.”

Andrews says she’s grown weary of defending the “transcult” that is imposing the “sexualization of children” and “drag queen storytimes.”

But the final straw, Andrews says, was last week’s hate hoax involving Georgia State Representative Erica Thomas, who claimed a Hispanic man told her to go back where she came from – only to later backtrack and retract those claims.

“[T]he last straw was Erica Thomas and her hate hoax, and the way the leftist media and virtue-signaling politicians accepted and repeated the lie without doing the least bit of research into the claim,” she says, comparing the media debacle to the Covington catholic student controversy.

“That was a sign to me that it’s finally time to let go. Time to stop making excuses for a movement that stirs up racial strife and feeds on knee-jerk reactions, raw emotion, and mob mentality over examining the facts.”

Read the rest of Andrews’ post, where she credits Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson with correctly assessing the right’s new role as the new counterculture.

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Video: Bill Warner PhD: The Left and Islam

Why are the Left and Islam such allies? The Left and Islam have much in common and work as a team, but the Left is more harmful to us. The Left sees the world through the lens of oppressor and victim. Muslims are always the victim, never wrong. For instance, they claim Muslims were the true victims in the jihad against the World Trade Towers on 9/11. For the Left, the ends justify the means. For Islam if the action advances Islam then it is good. Both the Left or Islam are never at fault. Both hate Christians and Israel. Both want to annihilate our civilization and establish a utopia. Both are totalitarian. But there is a fault line between them. The Left wants women’s rights, gay rights and separation of church and state. In the end, Islam will destroy the Left.


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Video: Antifa Origins & Tactics Exposed, After Andy Ngo’s Assault At Portland Protest—Jack Posobiec

The Epoch Times

The recent brutal assault on journalist Andy Ngo in Portland brings Antifa in the spotlight again. What is the longer term significance of this event, for Antifa, and America as a whole? What is Antifa exactly, and what are its historical origins? How has media coverage of Antifa influenced its behavior today? And how do anti-masking laws fit into the picture? Today we sit down with Jack Posobiec, a One America News Network host, who was once a U.S. Military Intelligence officer and later acted as Special Projects Director for Citizens for Trump. He is the author of 4D Warfare: A Doctrine for a New Generation of Politics.


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Video: Socialism Appeals To Human Nature


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Hey Democrats: Here's The Price I Paid For Your Socialist Dream

By Enrique Padron

American Democrats are pining ever more loudly for socialism these days, for “free” education, “free” health care and much else.

Let me tell you about socialism as I lived it under the Fidel Castro regime.

The house where I was born in Communist Cuba had a dirt floor, a bathroom hole-in-the-ground, which we shared with six other families, and a zinc roof that left us unbearably hot in the summer and shivering in the winter.

We had no running water, no refrigerator and no door in the back of the house. We cooked with charcoal. My mother raised four boys by herself in that “house,” working 12 hours a day to earn 160 Cuban pesos, or approximately $6, a month.

Why didn’t we fix it? In addition to the meager income, we had no access to hardware stores to buy nails or cement to fix our humble house. In fact, the local member of the ­National Assembly was the only person authorized to approve whether we could buy a bag of cement or a roll of roof paper — if they were available.

We couldn’t buy these simple materials without that precious piece of paper. Can you imagine going to your congressional representative to ask for permission to buy a box of nails? Or roof tiles? Or roof paper? It seems unthinkable in the United States. But in Cuba, where we lacked the ­necessities of life, we had to. And when we complained, the authorities scolded us to be grateful for free education and free health care.

In Cuba, it is illegal to speak against the government or complain about living conditions. We were prohibited from speaking with local media, but the journalists were state employees and wouldn’t publish our stories anyway. We couldn’t ­express our unmet needs and were reminded that we shouldn’t complain anyway, ­because we were promised — you guessed it — free education and free health care.

In Cuba, doctors make the equivalent of 25 cents an hour and teachers 21 cents an hour. Pharmacists earn eight cents an hour.

In Cuba, there is no right to free speech and virtually no ­independent media.

There are no free, fair, multiparty elections. In fact, there is just one political party (Communist), and only members of the Communist Party may run as candidates for any ­office. But we were told we couldn’t object to this system, lest we lose our free education and free health care.

Two of my brothers were sent to fight in Angola when I was a boy. After years of risking their lives for a strange cause, they came back to Cuba to find out that their mother and little brother were living under worse conditions than before they left. They learned that the promise of going to another country to fight for the “big, beautiful future of socialism” was just a big lie.

In Cuba, if you dare to yell something true — like “Fidel and Raul are dictators!” — you could spend many years in prison. Dictatorship is another price we had to pay for free education and free health care.

I desperately needed something more than the promises of free education and free health care. I knew that I needed freedom — freedom to speak my mind and vote my conscience. It was worth the risk of being eaten by sharks than to continue living a life with no purpose and no freedom.

On August 16, 1994, I decided to get into a boat with 20 other Cubans in search of a future.

One of my two brothers followed me to the United States, also in a raft, nearly dying of thirst and hunger during the journey. My other brother is still awaiting the visa I filed for him.

Throughout their ordeals, my brothers have been promised free education and free health care.

After arriving in the United States, I worked as an international sales manager, owned a restaurant, hosted a radio program and authored two books. Today, I work for a member of Congress. None of those opportunities would have been possible for me in socialist Cuba.

I wish that one day I might have a conversation with some of these young American socialists, who have no experience with actually existing socialism. They like to think they can have democracy and a socialist economy. But everywhere it’s been implemented, public ownership of the means of production has led to political repression.

Not least in my native Cuba, with its promises of “free” cradle-to-grave services.

I chose so much more than the promise of “free.” I chose freedom.

Enrique Padron is the southwest Florida director for Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart.

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You Can’t Have Socialism Without State Tyranny

By Joshua Philipp

When people talk about socialized health care, free education, and other programs, they often believe these things are meant to care for society.

Yet these programs can’t exist without a system to enforce it—and it’s in the enforcement of these policies that socialism can’t exist without tyranny.

Supporting socialist policies is often veiled as a consideration for the health and well-being of others. Yet what it replaces is the traditional value of generosity and its complement, gratitude.

In place of the “old values” and “old institutions,” socialism seeks a centralized power with absolute control over society, one that’s empowered to plunder the wealth of select groups of people and trickle down this plunder through a vast state bureaucracy.

Many socialists believe this bureaucratic tyranny should be allowed to direct the basic life choices of each person, including their health, education, finances, property, and even speech.

Socialism is a political system based on tyranny and plunder, since its systems can’t function without threat and use of force.

After all, what happens if people simply refuse to pay for the services forced on them by a socialist state? Well, the socialist tyrants, who ironically advocate against firearms, will send their police force equipped with firearms to compel that person to pay. And if that person still refuses, he or she will be imprisoned.

As French economist and author Frédéric Bastiat wrote in his book “The Law” in 1850: “You would oppose law to socialism. But it is the law that socialism evokes. It aspires to legal, not extralegal plunder.

“It is of the law itself, like monopolists of all kinds that it wants to make an instrument; and when once it has the law on its side, how will you be able to turn against it?”

Bastiat raised the questions of what happens when systems of government that were once formed to prevent plunder then become tools for plunder, and what happens to law when government itself becomes the source of plunder.

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