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Video: Tammy Bruce Awakens Tucker Carlson: Joe Biden’s Friendliness Is More Than Creepy

By Jacquie Kubin

Appearing on Fox News Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tammy Bruce offers Tucker Carlson some food for thought on why Biden’s ‘touchy-feely’ is more than just creepy. A total of four women say that the former vice president touched them inappropriately.

Bruce effectively argues that the “average man” would be fired for “what Joe Biden is doing.”  And she is right.

We are all flawed

Tucker Carlson has long said he would not judge Biden. We are all flawed.  I am flawed, says the anchor.  Carlson says that while he found Biden to be “weird,”  that his behavior is “creepy,” he also hoped American society wasn’t getting to a place where people couldn’t hug each other.

Bruce set Tucker Carlson straight in a way that only a woman who has first-hand awareness of men that overpower women can. She opened Tucker’s, and this viewers eyes, to why his actions are much more than just creepy.   He is not hugging women, he is overpowering them.

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