Video: Yuri Bezmenov - What Happens When a Nation Loses its Religion?

Ex KGB Yuri Bezmenov, describes how culture who have lost their spiritual identity are conquered and fall. Usually they become slaves. Even though this is a political figure, he has some spiritual insight into current world culture.



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Video: The Talmud, Book of the Pharisees

Do you know anything about what Jews are taught?  Do you have any idea what's in their Talmud and how it came into being?  If not, this video is well worth taking the time to watch.  Very eye opening.

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Video: Zeitgeist Part I - The Greatest Story Ever Told

WARNING!  This first segment of the film Zeitgeist is extremely disturbing and offensive to many Christians.  Be forewarned.  Many Christians think this film is the work of the devil.  This film makes no bones about questioning and criticizing Christian beliefs.  If you are unsure or insecure in your faith, you probably should skip this film. You've been duly warned.

To tell you the truth, I actually left this film off the site when I posted part 2 and 3 of Zeitgeist just because I knew it would offend Christians.   A Jewish friend of mine however confronted me with the fact that I had considerable info on the site challenging Zionism but failed to include part 1 of Zeitgeist. 

After much thought I felt he was right, that I shouldn't leave something off this site because I'm afraid of offending someone or some group.  This is exactly why I started including things about Zionism and Israel. I had deliberately excluded info about Israel and Zionism because I was afraid of being labeled an anti-Semite and afraid of being attacked over it.

I realized it's ridiculous.  It's childish to be afraid of such things.  Why should we be so fearful of people's points of view?   We're in the boat we're in because we are all massively intolerant of anything or anyone we don't agree with.  Political correctness is a sickening disease.  We should be far more upset about the fact that we are so intolerant and hostile towards other views than one little video someone made.  Anyway, there you have it.   I think the guy who made this believes what he says.  I did some checking and as far as I can tell, his historic info about other religions prior to Christianity is correct.

This is Part 1 of the documentary Zeitgeist.  Zeitgeist means "the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as defined by the ideas and beliefs of the time."   Part one delves into how the Christian religion and the stories believers are told can be found to be repeated over and over thoughout the eons.  It also discusses how religion is one of the most powerful means of controlling huge numbers of people.

Part 2 emphasized how those in power use fear and conflict as another primary means of controlling populations.  Learn the truth behind the events of 9-11 and the reality that it was deliberately orchestrated by the global elites to start yet another war through which they can continue their agenda for world conquest.  See Part 2 here.

Part 3 covers the primary hub of global control.  The banking systems of the world.  This part exposes the absolute fraud of the entire banking system and how total control over currency and credit allows a handful of people to control just about everything of significance.  See Part 3 here

This film is highly critical of Christianity!

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