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Video: He’s Leaving The Democratic Party And Starting A Serious Movement

He has forged a path to help others wake up and leave the Democratic Party.

A young man stands on his principles and convictions to leave a political party he supported and his video announcement should be shared.

I’ve watched many people rise and leave the Democratic Party but in this video below, this young man is the epitome of “waking up.” But he doesn’t stop there, he’s put his thoughts in a video with a new movement called #WalkAway.

This is awesome.


Additionally, over the past few months, I’ve watched conservatives engaged in victimhood and identity politics led by inexperience voices with no solutions. These voices think that they can tweet a revolution without proof.

This young man is different. He has forged a path to help others wake up and leave the Democratic Party. I’ve said on many occasions that anyone can be a voice to win over voters from the other side and this young man is doing it.

Source: The Unsilent Majority Facebook Page

Today I’m kicking off the #WalkAway campaign by releasing my video about why I am walking away from liberalism and the Democratic Party. It is my sincere hope that you will join me in this campaign and that we may start a movement in this country- which not only encourages others to walk away from the divisive left, but also takes back the narrative from the liberal media about what it means to be a conservative in America. It is up to all of us to make our voices heard and reclaim the truth.

The Democratic Party has taken for granted that it owns racial, sexual, and religious minorities in America. It has encouraged groupthink, hypocrisy, division, stereotyping, resentment, and the acceptance of victimhood mentality. And all the while, they have discouraged minorities from having independent thought, open dialogue, measured and informed opinion, and a motivation to succeed.

Please like and share my video, and please post your own #WalkAway video!! If you are a former liberal who has walked away from the left, please share your story, or your message, or your thoughts in a video on the WalkAway Campaign Facebook Page.

If you are a lifelong conservative or non-Democrat, please share your story, message, or thoughts on what it truly means to be a conservative. Right now, the liberal media continues to perpetuate a false narrative about the “hateful” and “bigoted” right. Use your voice to let people know who conservatives really are. Be sure to use the hashtag #WalkAway.

I am so proud of this video and the specific points he has made. I hope that you find a spot on your timeline for this message as it is clear-cut ready to help others leave that evil political establishment.


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Video: Mike Rowe's Take: Man-Babies and Starbucks 'Shelters'

Former 'Dirty Jobs' host on the 30-year-old man ordered by a judge to leave his parents' home and Starbucks opening its restrooms to the nonpaying public.  Mike provides clarity to the underlying issues like nobody has before. Nails it to the wall!


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School Shootings, Technology, and the Left’s Absence of Meaning

A caller to Mark Levin’s radio show Thursday night made an excellent point. We’ve always had guns in our society. But it’s only recently that we have had this cascade of school and other mass shootings. So the guns haven’t changed. But something else has.

It’s of course easier to talk about restricting guns than the problems in society. Some of those Hollywood celebrities tweeting in favor of gun control might just have to look at themselves. Parents might too. And Silicon Valley.

The Left, which thinks Republicans and the NRA are colluding to kill people, would never suspect that the valueless society and moral relativism it advocates could possibly have something to do with this. It’s destruction of traditional America culture, abetted by massive, unlimited, and unabsorbable immigration, might also come into question.

Political correctness, the chief social weapon of the Left, seeks to enforce an order in which everything is acceptable. If everything is acceptable – that is, every behavior that doesn’t involve actually kicking someone in the head – then ultimately kicking someone in the head, or shooting up a school, is going to happen because society has no social norms.

Technology makes all lifestyles, thoughts, and madnesses acceptable to someone. As Mark Steyn noted last night on Tucker Carlson’s show, if you’re a social misfit loner, you can still find a friend online. With technology, even the worst ideas and most egregious personalities can be validated online.

And violence is a way of life on the web. The technology sector would never want to address that its pervasive violent video games might be creating killers. I’m sure they have lots of money devoted to ensuring the issue comes up as infrequently as possible, particularly in Washington. But our children are being poisoned, inured to violence. And parents, wanting an easy solution for dealing with their kids, are allowing it.

I was looking at a video game a young girl was playing the other day. There were flowers, cute little animals, everything was adorable. All of a sudden, the shooting started. You had to kill the zombies to keep them from eating the flowers, or something.

How many rounds can one fire online before it seems nothing to begin firing them in a school?

Gun control is a band-aid. It feels good and you think you accomplished something. But the true cause of these shootings lies elsewhere. And as the country’s culture and morality continue to unravel, there will be more and more shootings, even if there are fewer guns.


Steyn: Defining act of school shootings: absence of meaning

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Video: Oprah #MeToo #TimesUp Movement Ignores "Migrant" Gang Rapists Who Walk Free

Once again Lana says what hardly anyone else has the courage to say. And she once again, says it all beautifully and powerfully.
Lana comments on the hypocrisy and blatant anti-White male agenda behind the Me Too movement and addresses Oprah's "Time's Up" (on White men) speech at the Golden Globes.


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Video: The Rise of Antifa

Freedom of speech is under fire from radical, left-wing groups that attack conservative rally goers across the country.

One America’s Pearson Sharp exposes how the group Antifa is not only fighting against hate speech, but against anyone who opposes them.


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