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HORRIFYING: DEMOCRAT States Busing INFECTED Patients To Nursing Homes Account For 42% Of ALL COVID DEATHS

Despite the recent coronavirus alleged surge in southern states, three states—New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts—account for about 42 percent of COVID-19 deaths in America. Why?



In a recent article in The Atlantic, Thomas Chatterton Williams decried America’s handling of the coronavirus.

The words “utter disaster” are used, and Williams, an expatriate, contrasts America’s response to that of France, where he currently lives.

“As Donald Trump’s America continues to shatter records for daily infections, France, like most other developed nations and even some undeveloped ones, seems to have beat back the virus,” Williams writes.

To be sure, the US response to the coronavirus was far from perfect (more on that later). But the article shows one of the challenges with this pandemic: even as more data is acquired, the picture doesn’t always get clearer.

In some ways, COVID-19 data are like a Rorschach blot from which writers, politicians, and experts can glean whatever conclusions they wish to find. Take Sweden, where daily COVID-19 deaths recently reached zero.

According to Newsweek editorial director Hank Gilman, Sweden’s “lighter touch” approach was a failure because seven times as many people died there than in neighboring Scandnavian countries such as Finland and Norway. He is not alone in the assessment.

On the other hand, Sweden suffered far fewer deaths per capita than several European neighbors that instituted strict lockdowns—including Belgium, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom—and has avoided some of the economic fallout other nations have endured. Unlike other countries, its currency is growing stronger.

Indeed, Sweden’s death rate is remarkably close to that of France, which Williams praised as a model in contrast to the “utter disaster” in the US. However, the US actually has a lower per capita death rate than both Sweden and France—at least for now. (While it’s true COVID cases are on the rise again in the US, deaths recently reached three-month lows.)

This raises questions about how we measure success in the age of COVID-19. While most attention is being paid to rising case numbers, death tolls would seem to be the most important metric. While US deaths per capita (401/1M) put the country among the ten highest in the world—ahead of France and Sweden, but just below the Netherlands—those numbers also don’t tell the entire story.

Few may have noticed that 42 percent of all COVID deaths in the US come from just three states—New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts. These three states account for nearly 56,000 of the nearly 133,000 deaths in the US, even though they represent just 10 percent of the population. If these three states are excluded, the US suddenly finds itself somewhere in between nations such as Luxembourg (176/1M) and Macedonia (166/1M), where some of the better fatality numbers in Europe are found.

Why have New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts suffered so much more than other US states? We don’t yet know the answer to that question, but evidence suggests it could be policy related.

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COVID-19 Hysteria - Irrational and Political

From TheConservativeTreeHouse.com

A weak and pathetic Arizona Governor, Comrade Doug Ducey, is irrationally responding to an increase in positive COVID-19 tests by shutting down most of the state’s recreation activities.  The state’s common sense leadership structure has collapsed under media pressure to comply with politically motivated demands.  Irrational fear now rules.

For three straight months the media took their talking points from political activists who were coordinating a national panic.  The drumbeat was testing, testing, testing… all narrative engineering efforts were specifically structured around testing.

By taking this approach those who were weaponizing fear knew that any increased test rate would be fuel to demand extended lock-downs.  They need this process to continue through the November 2020 election cycle; testing provides fuel for that narrative.

PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona’s governor ordered bars, nightclubs and water parks to close again for at least a month starting Monday night — a dramatic about-face as coronavirus cases surge in the Sunbelt.

Republican Gov. Doug Ducey also ordered public schools to delay the start of the classes at least until Aug. 17. Many districts planned to start the school year in late July or early August. His orders can be extended.


“We can’t be under any illusion that this virus is going to go away on its own,” Ducey said.

Arizona emerged from stay-at-home order in mid-May, but infections have since begun spiking. On Sunday, it reported 3,858 more confirmed coronavirus cases, the most in a single day for the state and the seventh time in recent days that the daily toll surpassed the 3,000 mark. (read more)

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Confederate Statues: Why Republicans Let Democrats Build Them

The Republican Party forgot that it abolished slavery.

By Onar Åm

After the Civil War, the Republican Party was utterly dominant. It successfully abolished the institution of slavery but not the party that advocated it. Why did Republicans allow the Democratic Party to exist? Why did they allow the Democrats to build Confederate statues and install Jim Crow laws? It is the same reason for which the United States allowed Germany and Japan to rebuild after World War II.


In 1861, President Abraham Lincoln brought the Republican Party to power on a wave of anti-slavery sentiment in the West. Britain had abolished slavery just a few years earlier in the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833, and Lincoln was prepared to do the same in the United States.

The southern slave states, governed by Democrats, wanted none of it and seceded from the Union, which led to the worst constitutional, political, and civil crisis in American history. At the end of the Civil War, nearly three-quarters of a million mostly white men had died on the battlefield.

In 1864 election, Lincoln chose Democrat Andrew Johnson as his running mate. That choice was dictated by a strong desire for national unity and healing. Lincoln wisely understood that winning the war was not enough. Wounds had to be healed, bonds had to be re-established, and trust had to be rebuilt.

However, when the Democrat ally John Wilkes Booth assassinated Lincoln in 1865, the United States found itself with a Democrat as its president. President Andrew Johnson used his power for a quick restoration of the former Confederate states without protections for the former slaves. The Republican-dominated Congress impeached him for abuse of power, but he survived in the Senate by a single vote.

However, the Republicans also wanted to bring the seceded states back into the fold without vengeance, and so as part of that process, the Confederate states could keep their dignity. They could raise statues commemorating their fallen soldiers and their generals.

It was a similar strategy the United States used in Germany and Japan after World War II. By allowing them to rebuild and be part of the world community, they generated friends and allies for the future and ended the cycle of war.

Dinesh D’Souza documented in his book Death of a Nation: Plantation Politics and the Making of the Democratic Party that the Democrats created the Ku Klux Klan and the Jim Crow laws in the former slave states in the late 19th and early 20th century. Due to the Republicans’ respect for federalism, they did not intervene – until they pushed through the Civil Rights Act in 1964.

Republican Amnesia

Forgiveness and rebuilding after total victory can be a powerful method for a winner of war to create lasting peace. However, the Republican Party was so eager to let bygones be bygones that it purged its own roots and history. Amazingly, Republicans forgot they were the party that abolished slavery.

Such self-imposed amnesia allowed academics of the left to rewrite history, absolving the Democratic Party of all sin. The entire history of America’s racial divide, Jim Crow, and slavery was projected onto the very people who rid the country of these horrors.

History is Important

One of the main reasons that history is important is to teach future generations not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Another reason for not forgetting the past is to prevent professors with malicious motives to rewrite history and gaslight innocent people.

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Videos: Another Black American Takes on the Hypocrisy and Phony Virtue Signaling of the Democrats

His name is Damani Felder, and he has something to say to the radical leftists and the Democrat leadership. He just started a YouTube channel with his sibling called “The Right Brothers,” and their motto is “identity politics is dead.”





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Video: Black Street Preacher Tells It Like It Is!

A black female preacher is going viral for explaining why the Democrat party has always been the party of bigotry towards blacks in America since its origin.

“I know people don’t like Trump. I understand that … If I had to pick between him and Joe Biden, I am not voting in Joe Biden,” conservative activist Bevelyn Beatty tells a Seattle journalist inside the autonomous Antifa-occupied zone known as “CHOP.” “You want to see a bunch of black people go to jail by the next four years, put Joe Biden in. Watch what happens.”

“You want to see black men get killed substantially like you’ve never seen before, put Joe Biden in,” she says. “These Democrats … and I’m not trying to be racist, hate black people.”


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Video: Burgess Owens - Left Policies Are Destroying The Black Middle Class

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Burgess Owens (Former NFL Player & Candidate for Congress) about racism in the NFL, failing black schools and the dying black middle class. Burgess Owens discusses how liberal and socialist ideas have infected the black education system for decades. These failing schools teach kids to hate free markets, the main factor in creating the wealth and prosperity that Americans have enjoyed. Teaching kids to hate free markets has resulted in low levels of entrepreneurship in the black community. The lower numbers of black businesses leads to a collapsing black middle class. Burgess shares what the black community needs to do to reverse this, support black business, and rebuild the black middle class.


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If Biden, Pelosi and Schumer are in Charge in 2021 Get Ready for this Nightmare


By Newt Gingrich

Every time some supposed conservative or Republican explains why he or she can’t vote for President Trump, I wonder if they have thought about the alternative – the Biden-Schumer-Pelosi machine.

Our choice in November will not be between President Trump and President Perfection. It will be between President Trump and a nightmare that would end America as we have known it.

If former Vice President Joe Biden wins, it means the turnout in favor of Democrats will be such that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., remains leader of a Democratic majority in the House. It also means that Democrats will almost certainly gain control of the Senate, making Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., the majority leader.

Given control of all three instruments of power, what would the Biden-Schumer-Pelosi team do?

This is not a question that requires wild speculation. As I outlined in a series of podcasts at Gingrich 360, Pelosi’s $3 trillion HEROES (Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions) Act – ostensibly designed to help our economy recover from the coronavirus downturn – by itself contains enough radicalism to be terrifying.

The legislation would legalize all people currently in the U.S. illegally. It would block federal immigration officers from deporting even criminals and gang members. It would give major Democratic donors a huge tax break by reestablishing unlimited deductibility for state and local taxes.

The measure would pay for abortion with taxpayer money. It would release prisoners indiscriminately, so that at least six of the most infamous serial killers would be eligible for release. It would pour money into corrupt local governments and bail out the most wasteful states in America.

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Video: Black Lives Matter: Only When They Need Your Vote

You are being used!


You Are Being Used! Black female conservative Samantha Mason @samanthamarika1 destroys the leftist narrative that the Democratic party cares about the black community.


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