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Video: How The State of Israel "Really" Came Into Being

1948:  Zionism . . . The Real Enemy of the Jews

By Alan Hart


This eye opening video presents the "real" story of the creation of the State of Israel and the "real nature of the Israeli/Palenstainian Conflict.  As with most things, we have been lied to and continue to be lied to about what is really going on and why.

1948 marks the empowerment of Zionists exploiting one of the most controversial events in the world: the holocaust. Alan Hart explains how Zionists came to power after the British left Palestine receiving political support to create the Israeli state. The Zionists were mainly foreign nationals with no ancestral lineage to the indigenous Jews of the land. Having been with the Israeli army in1967, Hart gives an intriguing insight on how Zionists planned the colonization of Palestine.

If you are someone who calls yourself "a proud Zionist," I'll be interested to see how proud you feel after watching this!


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