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Video: Illegal Aliens Responsible for More Crime than American Citizens

OAN Newsroom

Nearly two million illegal aliens have received orders for deportation, but are refusing to go. One America’s Pearson Sharp explains how these criminal aliens are not only costing American taxpayers — they’re also costing American lives.


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OUR ILLEGAL PROBLEM IS THEIR INCOME SOURCE: Record $120 Billion Sent Home To 3 Top Nations Flooding US With Illegal Immigrants.

By Paul Bernard

Immigrants from the three Central American nation’s sourcing many illegal border crossers sent a record amount of money home last year, bringing the total this decade to $120 billion.

Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador all said that natives in the United States sent over $17 billion home last year alone.

Since 2009, legal and illegal immigrants from those three nations have shipped $120 billion home, according to an immigration expert citing United Nations and Latin American banking data.

And newly released Central American bank data said that the record breaking has continued this year.

The so-called “remittances” have been in the focus of some immigration reform advocates who want to tax the transfers. Proponents said that a tax on the money, some of which is collected under the table and outside payroll taxes, could help pay for President Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico.

Under one proposal that failed to pass Congress, remittances would be taxed 7 percent. Pew Research Center revealed in January that immigrants in the United States sent home $138 billion in 2016 alone. A 7 percent tax would raise nearly $10 billion, enough to fund building the wall in three years.

“These huge numbers also suggest that the United States should follow the lead of Oklahoma, and start collecting a share of the remittances to help mitigate the costs of illegal immigration. You could build a wall with some of that money, compensate victims of illegal immigration, and much more – and Congress should do it,” said immigration expert Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies.

Money immigrants send home is a huge part of the economy of those three nations, reaching over 20 percent in El Salvador and Honduras. Over 90 percent of the remittances come from immigrants inside the United States, though a United Nations group said that the money comes from a total of over 100 countries.

Because it is a sizable share of the economies of those countries, critics claim that El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras have little incentive to make economic reforms that will keep citizens home.

“The sums of money involved are huge, particularly as a share of GDP and personal income in the Central American countries. It offers a big clue as to why these countries are giving only token efforts to stem the tide of migrants to the United States, especially El Salvador and Honduras,” said Vaughan, who regularly testifies before Congress on immigration policy.

“A good leader would try to develop other ways to build the economy, that benefit more people, instead of just those who have family in the United States. They are betting that the United States will never have the will to enforce its laws, and that’s been a good bet so far,” she told Secrets.

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Video: Dems Pave Way For Illegal Voters As Trump Demands More Border Money

Border crisis must be addressed

If anyone is manufacturing facts concerning border security it is the leftist train wreck known as the Democratic Party.

The numbers the Democrats choose to ignore are staggering.

“The number of families snared trying to sneak into the U.S. soared by 50 percent in one month alone, setting an all-time record with more than 36,000 family members apprehended, Homeland Security officials announced Tuesday,” as reported by the Washington Times.

It is difficult to ignore the preferential consideration the illegal alien that murdered Mollie Tibbetts is receiving or the Somali gangs turning the streets of Minneapolis into a war zone.






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Video: Katy Hopkins: Where Is The Homeland For Western Europeans?

Katy Hopkins is currently filming a documentary about the state of western Europe due to globalist policies that have been enacted for decades.

Katy joins David Knight to discuss the future for Europeans that increasingly don’t recognize their own “homeland.”


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Video: Walls Across America: George Soros' Great Wall

President Donald Trump has often noted that America’s rich and powerful choose to live behind large walls for protection.

“Some have suggested a barrier is immoral,” Trump said during a national address from the Oval Office last week about the border wall. “Then why do wealthy politicians build walls, fences and gates around their homes?”

“They don’t build walls because they hate the people on the outside. But because they love the people on the inside,” the president claimed. “The only thing that is immoral is the politicians who do nothing and continue to allow more innocent people to be so horribly victimized.”


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Video: Trump Slams Hypocritical Dems: “You Voted Yes” On a Wall

Top Dems claimed to support border wall in past

President Trump taunted Democrats who previously expressed support for a barrier along the southern border, pointing out that some even voted in favor of funding projects similar to the border wall now being blocked by many in the D.C. establishment.


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Video: Here’s a Wall That Reduced 55,000 Illegal Migrants to Zero in Two Years

Everyone’s arguing about the wall again, now that we’re in the throes of an apocalyptic partial government shutdown.

As everyone contemplates what life without functioning National Parks will look like, the Democrats continue to refuse to build a wall because it won’t work/will work to keep immigrants out but is immoral.

Meanwhile, nations who have built walls and successfully put a stop to problematic floods of illegal immigrants are likely shaking their heads at our tomfoolery.

One such nation is Israel who has a big, beautiful wall on their shared border with Israel and successfully brought the flow of roughly 55,000 illegal migrants to a big, fat zero.


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