Video: Tucker Carlson: Kirsten Gillibrand and the Left Don't Believe Americans Deserve Their Own Country

President Trump on Monday night spoke about political elites and illegal immigration -- two themes he hits quite often. Two themes that help define the presidential race now in progress.

Kirsten Gillibrand is in that race and is not just a candidate, but really a living metaphor. Gillibrand is someone who has lived a remarkably fortunate life. Until about 10 years ago, she was a member of Congress. Virtually nobody outside the mostly rural 20th congressional district in upstate New York had ever heard of her. She was considered a thoroughly average member of Congress, maybe a little below average.

And then one day, Hillary Clinton decided to run for president and Gillibrand hit paydirt. She was plucked from obscurity and handed one of the safest Senate seats in America.

Overnight, Gillibrand became a national figure without even having to win an election. Amazing. It was the political equivalent of inheriting a billion dollars. Maybe not surprisingly, Gillibrand's views changed accordingly. She soon adopted the politics of the trust fund left. Before long, there wasn't a fashionable opinion she didn't have on any topic -- guns, abortion, immigration -- you name it. As her friends in Aspen and Martha's Vineyard became more decadent and more contemptuous of the country around them, so did Kirsten Gillibrand.

This past weekend, when she appeared on "Face the Nation," Gillibrand was arguing against continuing to operate the United States as a sovereign country. "Let everyone in," she demanded. "Detaining anyone is immoral."

Margaret Brennan, CBS News host:: But you oppose even what the Obama administration did in terms of keeping families together or keeping them together for a longer period of time in detention? 

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., 2020 presidential candidate: I wouldn't -- as president of the United States, I wouldn't use the detention system at all. 

Brennan: Homeland Security, they are saying hundreds of thousands of people are crossing the border, and they need to go somewhere before their asylum claims are actually heard. What would you do with them? 

Gillibrand: They don't need to be incarcerated. They can, if they're given a lawyer and given a process, they will follow it. 

Hundreds of thousands of people -- millions of people -- over time. Where will all those people go? Well, they won't go to Kirsten Gillibrand's neighborhood, obviously. They're not headed to Martha's Vineyard, or Aspen or Southampton, obviously. But they're going to dying industrial cities that Gillibrand believes could use more Democratic voters.

"What the state of New York does well is we teach," she said recently. "We actually take refugee families into our communities. We would be delighted to take refugee families into cities like Buffalo and Syracuse and Rochester, and Albany."

To [Kirsten] Gillibrand and her friends on the left, America is not a nation, it's a pinata filled with 200 years of treasure. "Get some quick before it's gone." That's what Gillibrand is promising the world. 

So think for a minute about what Gillibrand is saying. She is arguing that anybody from anywhere in the world must be allowed into the United States, awarded a publicly-financed lawyer, given a free place to live, along with free health care and schools -- all of it you pay for -- and allowed to stay indefinitely, unless they lose a court case that, by the way, they will definitely show up for. That's her core assumption.

The people who have demonstrated contempt for our laws will arrive in court when asked. Gillibrand trusts them to do that. And why wouldn't you trust them? That's the base. That's the whole immigration argument that she's making --  which is that, unlike you regular Americans, who are lazy and stupid and not worth helping, immigrants are basically perfect. They're smarter, more industrious, and more creative than you or any of your American-born neighbors were or could be. That's what they believe

However, the facts suggest a more complicated picture. Recently, ICE launched a pilot program to conduct DNA tests of adults and children arriving at El Paso and McAllen, Texas, the border crossings there. When they checked, they found that nearly a third of the kids were not related to the adults they were with. It was fraud on a massive scale. It also revealed something far darker. It revealed that our deliberate failure to protect our borders has made our own government a party to the trafficking of children.

It would be hard overall to design an immigration system that's worse for a country -- our country. But Democrats don't care. To a party totally controlled by identity politics, everything is about race or gender or sexuality. Nothing else matters, including reality.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters recently tried to explain how giving preference to immigrants who speak English is -- can you guess -- racist.

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calf.: Some of that is very racist. It is not keeping with what this country is supposed to be all about. 

John Berman, CNN anchor: What exactly -- just so our viewers know -- are you saying as racist there? 

Waters: Well, you know this business about you must speak English. We're going to give you points for speaking English,and we don't want poor people. We only want those people who are earning substantial wages already. I think that some of those policies are racist. 

Imagine the CNN anchor asking of Maxine Waters, just to be specific, what is racist? Everything, of course. But in this specific case, she and virtually everyone else in her party is arguing that Americans have no right to want immigrants who speak English.

Americans have no right to want immigrants with job skills. Nancy Pelosi explained that last week. Americans have no right to decide how many immigrants come here or how long they stay. And yet, as Kamala Harris and Joe Biden and others have just told us, Americans are required to pay for free health care for everyone who comes, along with housing and education and lots of others. Got that?

You can see where all of this is heading and fast. In France, they're nearly there. This was the scene at Charles de Gaulle, the country's biggest airport on Sunday. Hundreds of illegal immigrants from Africa took over a terminal to make political demands. At one point, a leader of that demonstration chanted into a loudspeaker, , "France does not belong to the French. Everyone has a right to be here."

Kirsten Gillibrand would agree with that. "America for Americans"? That's racist. You don't deserve your own country. To Gillibrand and her friends on the left, America is not a nation, it's a pinata filled with 200 years of treasure. "Get some quick before it's gone." That's what Gillibrand is promising the world.

How long before groups of angry illegal aliens protest in this country? "Where's our share of the spoils? " they'll wonder. "The one that Gillibrand told us about?" That day is coming soon.

Adapted from Tucker Carlson's monologue on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on May 20, 2019.


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Video: Insurrection In America

Why the President needs to invoke the Insurrection Act

Black’s Law defines Insurrection as: a rebellion, or rising of citizens or subjects in resistance to their government.

Which is clearly what we have today in America.

But before there was the threat of Antifa, Open Borders, or Socialism, there was a quietly growing Islamic jihad spreading throughout the nation.

And while we have been warned by experts and brave Muslims, many Americans remain ignorant or complicit.

If we continue to do nothing, it will inevitably destroy the freedoms our families have fought and died for.


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Video: Illegals Cross the Border In Front of Maria Batiromo & CBP

Many illegals are sick when they arrive

Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo is becoming must watch TV. This Sunday, she was on the border watching people pour across illegally while interviewing border patrol. She also interviewed Rep. Hurd and the President.

President Trump told Ms. Bartiromo that Democrats have turned the border into “Disneyland” and you would need Perry Mason to win some of these court cases.

The Hondurans are told in their home country that they will be allowed to stay, according to what they told Bartiromo.

There have been more apprehensions this year to date than all of last year. The cartels are renting children, and MS-13 is among those renting children to come across the border and get released into the interior.

Border Patrol is having to care for sick people, children, infants, and they can’t supervise the border. Most of the people coming across are not eligible for asylum, but many pretend they are asylum seekers.

The people coming in are infected with all manner of diseases.

If the video won't play please report the problem by clicking here.


Watch them cross illegally while the Border Patrol is standing there with the TV cameras. It’s all so brazen as all of Central America pours into the country.


If the video won't play please report the problem by clicking here.


One shocking comment made by Rep. Hurd is that we shouldn’t be treating all these people as asylum seekers. We don’t have to and we could deport them immediately. So, why don’t we?

Why is DHS telling border agents to treat them all as asylum seekers?


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Video: Advertisements Tell Foriengers To Come To America For Free Stuff

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Rush Limbaugh On Why Migrant Invasion Is Happening Now

Has ‘Cloward-Piven’ plan to destroy America been launched to stop Trump?

By Jon Dougherty

We don’t do wild conspiracy theories here because we figure no matter how ‘creative’ we get we’ll always be outdone by Democrats like Reps. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell, two California “Russian collusion” truthers who traffic in such tinfoil hat nonsense.

But radio talk legend Rush Limbaugh, as he so often does, has twice this week brought up a salient point regarding the masses of humanity streaming towards the U.S. border from Central America — the “migrant caravans” that have become a regular occurrence since the latter part of 2018.

During his program Tuesday he noted (per Rush’s website):

We don’t currently have mechanisms to absorb this, and people are now beginning to ask a very legitimate question: Why now? Why are masses of people, in the thousands in these caravans…? Why now are these migrations happening? Why didn’t they happen three years ago and four years ago and five? Why now? Everybody wants everybody to believe that this just organic, that the circumstances in all of these nations in Central America’s deteriorated to the point that nobody can live there anymore.

There may have been others asking this question but it hasn’t become part of the national conservative conversation until Rush asked it.

Some have suggested there are Leftist globalist groups — perhaps funded by some of the usual America-hating suspects like George Soros — behind the massive migrations out of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

Others have noted that the Mexican cartels are getting in on the act because there is a lot of money to be made moving that many migrants north, which the cartels have begun to automate, essentially, using buses and other modes of mass transit (see our TNS Videos report on that here).

Continue Reading

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Video: Illegal Aliens Responsible for More Crime than American Citizens

OAN Newsroom

Nearly two million illegal aliens have received orders for deportation, but are refusing to go. One America’s Pearson Sharp explains how these criminal aliens are not only costing American taxpayers — they’re also costing American lives.


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OUR ILLEGAL PROBLEM IS THEIR INCOME SOURCE: Record $120 Billion Sent Home To 3 Top Nations Flooding US With Illegal Immigrants.

By Paul Bernard

Immigrants from the three Central American nation’s sourcing many illegal border crossers sent a record amount of money home last year, bringing the total this decade to $120 billion.

Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador all said that natives in the United States sent over $17 billion home last year alone.

Since 2009, legal and illegal immigrants from those three nations have shipped $120 billion home, according to an immigration expert citing United Nations and Latin American banking data.

And newly released Central American bank data said that the record breaking has continued this year.

The so-called “remittances” have been in the focus of some immigration reform advocates who want to tax the transfers. Proponents said that a tax on the money, some of which is collected under the table and outside payroll taxes, could help pay for President Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico.

Under one proposal that failed to pass Congress, remittances would be taxed 7 percent. Pew Research Center revealed in January that immigrants in the United States sent home $138 billion in 2016 alone. A 7 percent tax would raise nearly $10 billion, enough to fund building the wall in three years.

“These huge numbers also suggest that the United States should follow the lead of Oklahoma, and start collecting a share of the remittances to help mitigate the costs of illegal immigration. You could build a wall with some of that money, compensate victims of illegal immigration, and much more – and Congress should do it,” said immigration expert Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies.

Money immigrants send home is a huge part of the economy of those three nations, reaching over 20 percent in El Salvador and Honduras. Over 90 percent of the remittances come from immigrants inside the United States, though a United Nations group said that the money comes from a total of over 100 countries.

Because it is a sizable share of the economies of those countries, critics claim that El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras have little incentive to make economic reforms that will keep citizens home.

“The sums of money involved are huge, particularly as a share of GDP and personal income in the Central American countries. It offers a big clue as to why these countries are giving only token efforts to stem the tide of migrants to the United States, especially El Salvador and Honduras,” said Vaughan, who regularly testifies before Congress on immigration policy.

“A good leader would try to develop other ways to build the economy, that benefit more people, instead of just those who have family in the United States. They are betting that the United States will never have the will to enforce its laws, and that’s been a good bet so far,” she told Secrets.

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Video: Dems Pave Way For Illegal Voters As Trump Demands More Border Money

Border crisis must be addressed

If anyone is manufacturing facts concerning border security it is the leftist train wreck known as the Democratic Party.

The numbers the Democrats choose to ignore are staggering.

“The number of families snared trying to sneak into the U.S. soared by 50 percent in one month alone, setting an all-time record with more than 36,000 family members apprehended, Homeland Security officials announced Tuesday,” as reported by the Washington Times.

It is difficult to ignore the preferential consideration the illegal alien that murdered Mollie Tibbetts is receiving or the Somali gangs turning the streets of Minneapolis into a war zone.





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Video: Katy Hopkins: Where Is The Homeland For Western Europeans?

Katy Hopkins is currently filming a documentary about the state of western Europe due to globalist policies that have been enacted for decades.

Katy joins David Knight to discuss the future for Europeans that increasingly don’t recognize their own “homeland.”


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