Video: We're Watching Music Video

Another brilliant music video parody by creator Media Bear called “We’re Watching” points out the tyrannical absurdity of the coronavirus contact tracing proposals and their relation to the NSA spy grid, all to the tune of Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me.”





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Video: Intellectual Froglegs: The End Is Near - AGAIN

Just look at the last 20 years of Global Doom Predictions—although we could go back further.

The primary difference between this Coronavirus Chinese Death Plague Panic and… the Y2K Panic, the numerous Category 5 Hurricanes Panics and Global Warming Panic… is the perceived and highly publicized means with which millions of us are going to die.

The similarity?  Computer Models, hyped by the same people…and they were wrong.  Not just a little wrong…but a LOT wrong.

20 years ago with the Y2K, it was a “worldwide computer crash that could lead to MASS DEATH” —-that was followed by the increased number of hurricanes that would lead to MASS DEATH (major hurricanes actually ceased for 12 years, lol).

Then Al Gore’s global warming models were going to flood New York and Miami—wasn’t that like 5 years ago?  And today—a Chinese virus threatens “Mass Deaths”

And in 2016— their computer models predicted with 98% certainty— a Hillary Clinton landslide (quite possibly the scariest of all).

Everything’s been wrong. The models, the projections, the medical needs…  Everything.

And you cannot possibly perform an honest assessment the situation without analyzing the sources of the hysteria. The experts, the media and the computer models

What’s their track record accurately predicting global catastrophes?


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Joe Dan

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Video: Intellectual Froglegs: Here Comes the Boom Episode

Although we were all watching as it happened…no one is quite sure what exactly happened to the Democratic Party—a collective bump-on-the-head? A group lobotomy? Who knows? But we know this… they’ve lost their soul. They have no moral compass, yet they preach morality; condemning all of us who disagree.

…and America is about to kick their ass.

As they’ve moved further to the left, the Democrats have aligned themselves more and more with the most staunch enemies of America:

For example:

  • sending pallets of cash to Iran’s “Death to America” terrorists &
  • Sending guns to Mexican Drug Cartels a la “Fast & Furious”

They don’t care about Russians or a rogue FBI….

The list is so long– – and with a death grip on news, entertainment and sports media— they’ve poisoned every aspect of American life.

  • When they are not terrifying children about their certain climate change death & doom—they’re endangering them with Sanctuary Laws. See Kate Steinle.
  • They have nothing but contempt for Christians…[Netflix actually has a series about Gay Jesus]

Rather than continue a never-ending list of outrageous and unethical behavior by the Democrats, I will simply direct you to the prophetical 1957 publication “The Naked Communist” which many of you are aware— wherein it details Communism’s 45 goals to destroy America—and as was entered into the Congressional record in 1963

It now reads like a near-complete grocery list.

They have was so brainwashed themselves—They have no idea what’s about to hit them.

Be vigilante.

#PAPER BALLOTS? Personally I would support a paper ballot campaign.

More episodes in 2020! 2019 required me to travel more than I EVER had…. And I was forced to move due to black mold. So the result was fewer episodes. This is the first episode in the new studio… in the new home…. and NOW we’re ready for 2020.

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Now we’re gonna celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior… and wish our Jewish friends a Happy Hanukkah.


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Video: Intellectual Froglegs: The Last Straw Episode

Many people have accurately pointed it out that the traditional media IS the Democratic Party — and the Democratic Party IS the traditional media. They’re inseparable, and it’s undeniable.

It’s ALSO undeniable that they are SO consumed by hate— they will set their grandmother on fire to beat Trump.

Democrat Zombie-Land has become so annoying and shrill— they’re no more than an ill-behaved child throwing a tantrum in the corner of the room while the adults are trying to enjoy dinner.

They scream like lunatics. Everything pushes them the Maximum Anger.

And we, the American people are sick of this childish bul…. ahem, nonsense…. the accusations are now so preposterous, many trump supporters, like myself, have stopped wasting our time defending President Trump to these lunatics.

You can’t reason with Crazy.

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Video: SJW Sex Ed: Comedy Central Mocks Liberal Gender Confusion

A Latino father tries to have “the sex talk” with his indoctrinated son

A Comedy Central sketch released Monday exposed the ridiculousness of today’s gender fluid, pick-you-own pronoun PC culture. 

The show, Alternatino, is about a man named Arturo Castro’s life as a modern Latino man.

It’s time for Arturo to have “the talk” with his teenage son, but to his surprise, the child has already been indoctrinated by a liberal sexual education class.

“There’s more than just boys and girls now,” the boy said after listing many different gender identities.

From genital reconstructive surgery to anal and group sex, the child already knows far more than his father was prepared for.

Exasperated, the father ends up telling his son “get out of my house” after trying multiple times to have a normal discussion, adding, “have fun.”


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Video: Hilarious! Eight Year Old Does Perfect Impersonation of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Adorable AND hilarious: Watch this eight-year-old girl’s amazing impersonation of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez




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Video: Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody Parody (Opinion Rhapsody)

A clever and competent reader sent this to us, and since Bohemian Rhapsody is out in the theaters right now (seeing it this weekend – can’t wait!), and since Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the greatest creations ever, a parody of it is only acceptable if the parody-er can actually sing.

And y’all – this dude CAN SING. Plus, he makes fun of social media culture today, and the whole thing is completely brilliant.  ENJOY!!



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4 Problematic And Offensive Disney Films That No Child Should Ever Be Allowed To Watch

By Matt Walsh

Two Hollywood actresses have come out this week to explain why they will not permit their daughters to watch a number of classic Disney animated films. Kristen Bell correctly pointed out that Snow White is kissed non-consensually by a necrophilic prince who sexually assaults a corpse. Keira Knightly took issue with "Cinderella" and "The Little Mermaid," complaining that both stories reinforce the sexist "damsel in distress" theme.

I applaud both women for protecting their children from this highly-objectionable material. I only fear that our conversation about problematic cartoons has not gone far enough. There are several other Disney films that should be thrown on the ash heap of history alongside the ones mentioned by Bell and Knightly. Indeed, I would argue that it is actual child abuse to let your son or daughter watch any of the following:

1) "Pocahontas"

I cannot for the life of me understand why "Pocahontas" hasn't been banned and all of the people involved in its production sent to prison camps. The film was terribly offensive well before President Trump used it as a racist taunt against Native American Senator Elizabeth Warren. "Pocahontas" features extremely harmful and retrograde Native American stereotypes and a deeply troubling White Savior storyline. The character Pocahontas is not only sexualized and objectified but reduced to an outdated caricature of an Indian woman who sings about the wind and talks to trees. This is not historically accurate, despite what they may teach in schools. Instead of letting your child watch "Pocahontas," why not cut to the chase and just enlist him in the Nazi Party? It will have the same result either way.

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