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Video: EVIDENCE The Voting Machines Are WRONG! (and It’s Being Covered Up)

Some might be disappointed by our primary elections, but they should be furious. The Chicago Board of Elections is seen in this video either covering up or turning a blind eye to fraud. Please watch and share so we can regain our democracy.
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Register To Vote From Anywhere in the United States


National Mail Voter Registration Form

This document  allows you to register to vote from anywhere in the United States.

States that accept the national form will accept copies of the application printed from the computer image on regular paper stock, signed by the applicant, and mailed in an envelope with first class postage.

In completing this application, be sure to follow the General Instructions as well as the Application Instructions and specific State Instructions for your State which include the address to use for mailing the application 



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Video: The Precinct Project - How To Take Back Control of Our Elections

We hear many Americans proclaim they want their country back.  They want their Constitutional Republic back.  But we never hear anyone explain exactly how we can bring that about. 

Well here is the knowledge you've been looking for.  It couldn't be simpler either.  It's call the Precinct project.  Mr. Jim Condit explains exactly who makes all the decisions about our entire political process and how we can KICK THEM ALL OUT and replace them with ordinary citizens that was to restore the rule of law to our nation.

Jim Condit has been working to create fair and honest elections for almost 30 years now. Unless we have fair and honest elections, how can we possibly have a truly representative government? 


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Is Your Allegiance To This Country Or To A Political Party?

Cartoon by Michael Ramirez


Our political system is supposed to be set up to allow us to elect representatives that will look out for our best interests and defend against the inevitable tendency of those with the most wealth and power to exploit their advantage over the rest of us.  One look at the current state of politics in this country and its’ pretty obvious the inevitable has happened.  So much so that those with the most wealth and power have literally taken control of our entire government and political process. 

They have distorted the purpose of elections from a way to choose worthy representatives into a big sporting event to determine which of the two dominate political parties will control the purse strings in Congress.  They have successfully conned everyone into believing that the whole point is whether or not your 'party' wins.   It’s become nothing more than another big American sporting event.  If you doubt it, just imagine what a crowd screaming and yelling at a football game looks like and what a crowd at a major political convention looks like.  They may be dressed a bit better at the convention, but there’s not much difference in the way they act.  And when the game is over, all we really get is to feel we either won or lost.  And really, nowadays, even the winning team starts to feel they actually lost as well.  When Congress resumes business, we see that absolutely nothing of consequence has changed for the people controlling the game.

For many, there is nothing more important than winning, getting 'their party's people' into office, regardless of whether or not those people are actually going to be the best people we can find.  In fact, we know most all the people we get to choose from have sold us out long before they ended up on the ballots.  We know full well we never get anything but a pile of opportunists and we get to pick the least bad choice.  Virtually all of them have been completely groomed to make sure business as usual continues in government.  They are primarily career politicians that know full well “we the people” have very little to do with who gets elected. 

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