Video: Jerome Corsi Update About Why Soros And Tech Giants Are All For Net Neutrality

The Obama Administration hijacked the term "net neutrality" and as usual, it now means the exact opposite of what everyone thinks it means. The term "net neutrality" now refers to legislation intended to "neutralize content they don't like on the net." Obama's net neutrality law, which has only been in place for about 3 years, is "a law to neutralize content on the internet they don't like." Here's a very good video explaining what's really going on and it's not what everyone thinks. It's actually a very good and necessary thing, undoing more Obama f'd up legislation, moving it from FCC control with ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY from the big players to FTC regulatory control which does provide accountability.

Remember, another thing that traitorous bunch dis was to give away US control over domain registration to the international globalists.


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