The Synagogue of Satan

Arguably one of the most important books ever written!
If you want to know the truth of things and have the courage
to overcome conditioned attitudes

(conditioned by those committing unspeakable crimes against humanity)

Review by Barabar Powell
This is a must read for all people today
-- required reading for anyone who aspires to understand the world we are actually living in now. After reading this book, so much of what's going on, and has been going on during the last century or so, suddenly makes SENSE. Perplexing events, social conundrums, the "whys" and "how could this haves" that have plagued thinking people in recent decades are clearly answered. A picture emerges which is totally cohesive. The way that Hitchcock structures his book is very unusual but truly brilliant: he merely states a year, beginning with 740 A.D., and lists pertinent historical events that occurred that year. He offers very little commentary, but his theses are supported all the more powerfully because he doesn't -- the facts speak eloquently, shockingly, clearly for themselves. He brings his chronology all the way up to the year 2005. Yet within this unorthodox structure is a narrative which is exceedingly readable. It's fascinating, gripping even. This is one of the most illuminating and important books I have ever read, and I believe you will ever read. It is a liberating experience; the truth will, indeed, set you free. Thank you, Andrew Carrington Hitchcock; you are owed immense gratitude by us all.

Review by Benjamin R. James Jr.
If you truely want to break free ftom the matrix of our media (medium) of what is happening you must read this book. Mr. Hitchock takes the veil off of who the "they" are and what doing is really happening, and definds who the they are. This Jewish Mafia with its satanic cult that has been around for ages and has manipalated world events for their gain is finally exposed in detail. This jewish mafia cares not if millions of jews or non jews are killed as long as their objectives are met which is control of gold, oil, and drugs. This is a must read.

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