Video: Why Would Our President Just Make Up What Happened On The Morning of 9-11?

This disturbing video presents our President, just 7 weeks after 9-11,just making up the events of that morning. This day could be compared to the day John Kennedy was shot. It's not something that would fade in your memory in just 7 weeks.

This was not just some mindless act as some people choose to characterize it.  He talks with absolute clarity and certainty, aware of such details like the "TV was obviously on" when explaining how he could have possible seen the first plane hit.  So, if we are to believe him, he's was not oblivious that morning, or in this town hall meeting.

I mean lets use our common sense.  If it were me, and I was a little foggy about what happened that morning, I'd preface it by saying I don't remember exactly, or something like that.  Bush just barrels on with whatever baloney he wants.  There are so many examples of lying like this that I just can't believe our entire nation isn't up in arms about it.

Why do so many people make excuse this kind of behavior?  Bush is our President.  He has total control of our military and more.  If he is a blundering idiot, that more than enough reason to stop supporting him.  If he knows full well what he's doing, that's far worse.

I don't know about you, but when I catch someone lying to me, I can no longer trust that they are telling me the truth about anything. In a court of law, if you are caught lying, all of your testimony is then suspect. Why are we so tolerant of LYING?! It would be different if they were just little lies. But when our President is willing to lie about a thing like what happened on 9-11, and the reasons for starting this war . . . we have all gone off the deep end.

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