Video: Senator Rand Paul Challenges Dr. Fauci

Editor's Note: Dr. Fauci is a criminal with massive conflicts of interest.  He is not a neutral, objective player in any of this.  He is a globalist.  He's a pusher of dangerous vaccines.  He is joined at the hip with Bill Gates, is an incredibly skilled psychopathic serial LIAR and is corrupt beyond measure!  He has a vested interest in perpetuating this pandemic hoax with a goal of destroying the United States economy and eventually forcing a totally untested vaccine on the entire population.  Quite frankly, he is the embodiment of EVIL.  He knows exactly what he is doing to everyone.


Just one more reason to lock Dr. Anthony Fauci in a broom closet and lose the key. – Back in January, Dr. Fauci – who has never found a cure for any virus and is yet to get a single thing right about this one – assured us that COVID-19 presented no immediate threat to the United States.

Yesterday, during testimony before a Senate committee, Fauci said this about a new viral gift from China:

Why is this menace to our society still employed by the federal government, and still making media appearances on behalf of the Trump Administration? His ongoing presence in the national debate is even more malevolent and destructive than that of Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff.

That’s why the lone bright spot in yesterday’s hearing came from Dr. Rand Paul, Senator from Kentucky, who sliced, diced and ground Fauci’s unbridled hubris into a million pieces.


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