Video (Audio) Our Government Has Been Privatized - Powerful Speech by Robert Kennedy Jr.

Many American know that powerful corporate lobbyists control our Congress and election process.  What many don't realize is that because of this fact, they have also taken over the bureaucratic level of our government, the agencies that really run the day to day business of government.  The Congress and virtually all our government agencies are headed by people that have no allegiance tot he American people.  They were put into positions of power by the corporations and they do the bidding of the corporations.

This speech was given on May Day, 2007 in New York City.  Mr. Kennedy spoke after Greg Palast, one of the best American investigative journalist we have.  Unfortunately Mr. Palast has to work for the BBC to get the job done.

This speech by Mr. Kennedy couldn't present the case for The Kick Them All Out Project more perfectly.  In just 30 minutes Mr. Kennedy presents the reality of what has happened to this country, our government and our media simply because we have allowed the wealthiest members of society to swallow it all up through the power of their corporations.  In fact, our entire government and political system has been privatized and is totally controlled by these powerful special intersts.  You owe it to yourself to listen to this speech and send this link to everyone you know. 

We are in very serious trouble.  If we don't organize and take back control of our government, corporate interests will soon drop the last boot and we will all be under the heal of corporate colonialsm with no Constitutional Rights whatsoever if they have their way.  It will be much easier to stop it before it's fully in place than after the fact.


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