Video: Judicial Watch Weekly Update 1-12-18

Editor's Note:  I encourage everyone to support the great, great work the Judicial Watch does on behalf of all of us.  They are the only independent organization that is actually doing something major to expose government corruption.  We wouldn't know anything about Hillary's illegal email server and much much more if it weren't for Judicial Watch.


JW President Tom Fitton on Big Court Victories on Clinton Emails and Comey Memo Records, Clinton Dossier Scandal, DACA Amnesty Update, & Haiti/Clinton Corruption


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On Watch: The Fusion GPS Testimony & U.S. Govt. Funding of Pro-Soros Media

In this episode of "On Watch," JW Director of Investigations & Research Chris Farrell dives into the Fusion GPS House Intelligence Committee testimony released by Senator Diane Feinstein. According to Glenn Simpson, co-founder of the company that put together the infamous Trump dossier, revealing his sources may place them at risk since one person has already been killed...but who? When? How? Where? Why?

Also--why would we meddle in the domestic affairs of a NATO ally by funding pro-Soros media outfits? You WON'T want to miss this episode!


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