Video: Gingrich Reacts To Muller Comments: He's 'Trying To Have It Both Ways'

Newt Gingrich says former special counsel Robert Mueller and former FBI Director James Comey look at themselves as statesmen. In reaction to Mueller's press conference on Wednesday, the former Speaker of the House said Comey is "scared to death" of what Attorney General Bill Barr will uncover and warned "a lot of stuff is going to become public" that makes Comey look "really, really bad."

"He had two full years," Gingrich said of Mueller's Russia probe. "He had a huge team. They wrote a report. Now if they can't get their report right, I don't know why they're coming back later to tell us what it is that they wish they might have said. And I think Mueller is better off frankly, just, it's over. Go home. Relax. In Comey's case, I think he's scared to death of what Attorney General Barr is doing. The fact that a lot of stuff's going to become public that's going to make Comey's directorship look really, really bad."


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