Video: DECLASSIFIED: Political Elites Are Untouchable No More

The breathtaking hypocrisy of many of President Donald Trump’s accusers is about to be fully exposed. If you’ve been watching the impeachment theater these past few weeks, you’ve no doubt heard the very serious crimes they accuse the U.S. president of having committed. They have accused him of using his office for political gain and pressuring Ukraine to help investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. The fake news media has begun a full-court press to sell the narrative of a besieged president who is slipping underwater, growing more and more unpopular by the day, as so-called whistleblowers and manufactured scandals surround him. The problem is, Trump neither looks nor acts like a president who is under siege. In fact, he looks to me like he’s having the time of his life. I believe that a big reason why Trump looks like he’s really enjoying himself these days is that he knows what’s about to go down.


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